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Anastasia Bradatan

Anastasia Bradatan is a Liberal Arts Honors senior studying Hindi-Urdu, Spanish-Portuguese, and International Relations and Global Studies. She is currently writing her International Relations Honors thesis on Former Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq's Islamization campaign and the resistance that followed from women groups. Anastasia is also involved in the Hindi-Urdu Flagship program, and is a member of Texas Orange Jackets, a women's honorary service organization at UT.

Sabrina Garcia

Sabrina is a third-year student in the Liberal Arts Honors program who is pursuing an honors B.S. degree psychology and a minor in French. Her honors thesis and Junior Fellows project is examining the role women's own perceptions of their nonconsensual sexual experiences have on their sexual functioning and well-being. Sabrina's research interests include female sexuality, nonconsensual sexual experiences, and sexual fluidity. In addition to her time in class, Sabrina spends most of her time on campus in Dr. Cindy Meston's Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory as a research assistant, in the Student Activity Center, or Student Organization Center for one of her two jobs. While at home, Sabrina enjoys sleeping, attempting to cook, laughing with her roommate, cuddling with her cat Poptart, and reading exciting books. Her current project is titled "Childhood sexual abuse and sexual and psychological well-being: The importance of women's qualitative perceptions".

Victoria Jesswein

Victoria Jesswein is a senior German, Linguistics, and German, Scandinavian and Dutch Studies major. In addition to Junior Fellows, Victoria is a member of Liberal Arts Honors and Phi Beta Kappa. She serves as President of both the UT German Club and German Honor Society. Her Linguistics honor thesis looked at acoustic parameters of lesbian speech and how they differ between clear and conversational speech styles, marked by an expanded vowel space. Victoria is currently working on a project through the Germanic Studies department, analyzing phonological and morphosyntactic differences between Texas German and Wisconsin German dialects, and the sociohistorical reasons for the variances in the development of the dialects. Victoria will be attending graduate school to study Archiving and Library Science, with a focus in Language and Linguistics.

Qiyui (Shirley) Li

Shirley is a 3rd year biochemistry major in the Polymathic Scholars program with an interest in communications. Her Junior Fellows research project involves investigating the role of facial bias in medical residency applications. She is also a research assistant in Dr. Livia Eberlin's lab where she works on developing clinical applications of mass spectrometry for cancer diagnosis. Outside of research, she loves to cook, and can make a really good brisket. She is passionate about mental health and volunteers as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line.

Carl Marth

Carl is a third-year Physics and Mathematics major in the Dean's Scholars honors program. I currently do research in high energy particle physics under Dr. Timothy Andeen, an assistant professor here at UT affiliated with the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). At the LHC, protons are accelerated to near the speed of light in a 27-kilometer circular tunnel to be collided together at four main sites, one of which is the ATLAS detector. These collisions have the potential to produce particles that we've never seen before, giving us insight into the fundamental laws of nature governing our universe. When I'm not searching for new particles, I like to read fantasy series like Steven Erikson's The Malazan Book of the Fallen and Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, and I'm currently having fun learning the Japanese language.

Carolyn Martin

Carolyn Martin is a senior Plan II, Radiation Physics, and Mathematics major at UT from Pearland, TX. Her research interests are on the impact of radiation diagnostic imaging such as CT scans on the human body, and she hopes to complete a medical scientist training program (MD/PhD) to prepare for a career in radiation physics research and radiation oncology. Carolyn is in the Polymathic Scholars program in the College of Natural Sciences, for which she wrote her first thesis titled: "Plague?: Questioning the Epidemiology of the Great Pestilence of History." During her four years at UT, has committed to Texas Athletics as a coxswain on the NCAA Varsity Rowing team, Chi Kappa Phi Service Society, Texas Bluebonnets, and UT Women in Physics. This summer, Carolyn will bike from Austin to Alaska to raise money for cancer research as part of the Texas 4000 for Cancer 2018 team. When Carolyn is not doing physics, training, or planning her cycling route to Alaska, she enjoys spending time with friends, analyzing active-wear materials, and drinking lots of coffee.

Amy Ong

Amy's name is a total of six letters, three vowels and three consonants (her dad is really into math). Amy is currently a third-year Plan II and Biochemistry major, but she also tries to take an art history class every semester, so who really knows? While Amy is a hardcore enthusiast of early 2000 Disney movies, she studies alternative medicine and women's health instead of Zenon. Her current field of focus is a cross-cultural study of complementary and alternative contraceptive and abortifacient practices in China, India, and the United States. Amy is also interested in the connection between art and health, especially the psychology of spaces (@Ellsworth Kelly's Austin). Amy is almost always hungry, so if you're looking for her, your best bet is all places where fries are sold or the Blanton.

Vik Shirvaikar

Vik Shirvaikar is a third-year student from Frisco, Texas, majoring in math and economics with an additional concentration in scientific computation. As part of the Polymathic Scholars program, his statistically-oriented research deals with the interactions between public policy and financial decision-making on an international scale. He is also involved with the UT Natural Sciences Council and The Daily Texan, and works as a data science intern with the analytics company Teradata. In his free time, Vik enjoys playing soccer and watching sports, improvising on his violin, and attending musicals and comedy shows.

Irene Smith

Irene is in her fourth year at UT Austin, double-majoring in Linguistics and Electrical Engineering. Her Junior Fellows research focuses on modeling the sounds of words, and she also studies speech intelligibility as a member of the UT SoundLab. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to study computational phonetics and phonology. Outside of her academic life, Irene enjoys weaving fabric on her big Swedish loom, feeding raisins and acorns to her pet goat Ferdinand, and rambling around her family's homestead west of Austin to learn about the resident plants and animals.

Madeline Stager

Madeline is a Senior in Computer Science at UT. She is interested in Operating Systems, and is currently researching Huge Page Management for Nonvolatile Memory. Madeline enjoys the problem solving and creative challenges involved in Computer Science and Operating System.In her free time she enjoys hiking and camping.

Tiffany Wang

Tiffany Wang is a senior studying business honors and statistics. Her research interests include development aid, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and food security. She has worked as a research assistant in the Innovations for Peace and Development Lab as well as a Brumley Next Generation Scholar. In her free time she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and listening to live music.

Linda Yoo

Linda Yoo is a senior nursing honors student. Linda is currently conducting research at the UT Children's Wellness Center in Del Valle, Texas under the supervision of Dr. Alexandra Garcia. Her research project aims to provide information to the center to create specific interventions that address obesity in the predominately Hispanic, uninsured, underserved community. Linda's most recent project was completed with Dr. Tracie Harrison titled "Hysterectomies of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women." The review is organized thematically by finding the key issues that differentiate the outcomes and experiences between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White women with hysterectomies. Linda is interested in health policy and its impact on rural communities, and enjoys baking sourdough bread and practicing yoga in her free time. After graduation, Linda hopes to work as a nurse to understand the implications of her research at the bedside and then attend graduate school to continue research and teach undergraduates.