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The Pinto Carver Essay Contest

Pinto Carver Essay Topic 2022

The Topic: The pandemic has led us to reassess our essential workers. The health care worker at Heritage Park Nursing Home, the Ryder cross country truck driver, the Marriott Hotel maid , the Texas French Bread waitress, the nurses at our University Health Services, the Clay Pit dishwasher, the fourth grade teacher at Doss Elementary School, the Patton Hall cleaning staff, and many others once nearly invisible have become essential and esteemed. For many of us Covid-19 and its variants have also led to a reassessment of what is essential in our lives. In your essay explore why you have or have not, as result of living through the pandemic, come to a different understanding of what is essential in your life, what you esteem, of what for you constitutes success. The more well developed your thoughts, the more specific your language, the better.  

Eligibility: Current Liberal Arts Honors First Years (Class of 2025) and Sophomores (Class of 2024).

Specifications: 750-1000 words, titled, double-spaced, and typed, with your name in the upper-right hand corner. No cover page.


1st Prize: $1500

2nd Prize: $500

3rd Prize: $250

Submission Deadline: Submit your essay as a pdf to this address by Friday, January 21, 2022 at midnight:

Please label the document clearly with your name. No text in the body of the email will come through. The judges reserve the right to withhold awards in the absence of prize worthy essays.