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LAH Student Council

Liberal Arts Honors Student Council is a great way to get involved in the LAH community. LAHSC is responsible for organizing social, academic, and service events to strengthen the bond of those involved. Students of all ages and interests make LAHSC an ideal avenue to meet new people with similar interests and give back to the community. The LAH family is tight knit, and LAHSC is knit even tighter. Our mission to make the college experience more fulfilling, diverse, and fun, while offering leadership positions to our bright and motivated peers.

Meetings are Tuesdays at 5:15pm in PAR 203. Attending meetings regularly is the best way to get involved with LAHSC, and we encourage everyone to come and share their thoughts and ideas.



To contact LAHSC with ideas for events, inquiries on how to get involved, or other questions, please email us, and you’ll be directed to the officer most equipped to answer your question if necessary

Facebook Page:

Like and Follow our Facebook Page to stay up to date on our event announcements, as well as information on internship and scholarship opportunities, and other items we receive and pass on to you


President - Cassie Williams

(manages questions about LAHSC in general, what will be brought up at meetings, or other questions relating to LAH)

Vice President - Grant Olson

(manages questions about LAHSC, specifically about merchandise and how merchandise will be distributed)

Academic Chair - Brett Glasscock

(manages our academic events, including our Reading Groups and peer advising)

Service Chair - Claire Perkins

(manages our service events, including our profit shares and on and off-campus volunteer opportunities)

Social Chair - Iulia Tothezan

(manages our social events, especially All Honors Formal)

Mentor Chairs - Brett Glasscock, Iulia Tothezan, and Abby Springs

(manages our Mentor program, pairing upperclassmen with groups of incoming freshmen to help them with the transition to college life)

Treasurers - Sarah Hyden and Emma Brunk

(manages LAHSC’s budget and ordering merchandise)

Publicity - Katie Clack and Carol Metzger

(manages our social media and announces our events via our Facebook page)

Secretary - Abby Springs

(manages our weekly meeting minutes and keeps record of our planning)

First Year Representatives - Mara Asmis, Erin Barry, Anya Krishnaswamy, Sofia Moore, Nicholas Silva, and Byron Xu

(manage communications between the first year class of LAH and LAHSC and plan events for their class)