College of Liberal Arts

Space and Reservations Requests

Conference and meeting rooms, offices, research labs and computer labs are available through programs managed by Liberal Arts ITS.

LAITS is here to help you find facilities you need for teaching, research, and events.  We manage temporary and permanent space requests, as well was the official space inventory for all units within the College of Liberal Arts.


Programs and Information

Meeting Room Reservations

LAITS manages a number of meeting rooms and computer labs available to all units in the College of Liberal arts, capstoned by the Julius Glickman Conference Center.  Requests for meeting and event space are taken through the online form, and available to faculty and staff with Liberal Arts sponsored events.   

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TempSpace and LabSpace

All units in the college qualify for TempSpace, a college-wide program offering temporary workspace needs for visiting faculty and researchers.  

The LabSpace Program offers first class facilities construction, renovation, and management for faculty and departments with lab needs. 

Office Assignments, Moves, & Space Inventory

Faculty moving offices?  New faculty?  Changing room use?  Any space change in your department?  Request help for these changes, and more, through LAITS Facilities Services.    

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Grant Barger
Director of Facility Management

Julie Nodine
Project Manager, Sr. Building Manager

Adrienne Witzel
LabSpace Program Officer