College of Liberal Arts

Reserving Meeting Rooms

A number of rooms are available to Liberal Arts faculty and staff for meetings and other events.  See the list below for details, check availability, and request a reservation.

All users are responsible for following the Acceptable Use Policy.  Failure to follow these policies may jeopardize your future use of these rooms.  First time users are encourages to meet with the reservation staff to discuss the needs of your event and the details of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Liberal Arts is also pleased to offer use of the Julius Glickman Conference Center for large events and conferences, as well as small departmental meetings.

Reservations are taken in the order they are received, processed according to priority use.  Requests submitted outside of the reservation calendar will be held in queue until the appropriate request submission period opens.   

Rooms reserved through LAITS

seats 10

RLP 1.302A
CLA 1.302A
check schedule

RLP 1.302F
CLA 1.302F
check schedule

seats 18

RLP 1.302C
CLA 1.302C
check schedule


seats 20         

RLP 3.106
CLA 3.106
check schedule


seats 35*  


RLP 2.606
CLA 2.606
check schedule

 RLP 1.302D
CLA 1.302E
check schedule
*45 seats theater style

seats 40        

BUR 214
BUR 214


seats 48 with tables;
seats 100 theater style     

RLP 1.302B
CLA 1.302B
check schedule

RLP 1.302E
CLA 1.302E
check schedule

Computer Labs*, seats 35       

RLP 1.402
CLA 1.404
check schedule

 RLP 1.404
CLA 1.404
check schedule

*See LAITS Classroom list for more information about the computer labs.   

Request a Room

Requests are reviewed based on the schedule below. 

Spring - first business day of Sept

Summer - first business day of Jan

Fall - first business day of April

Conferences & professional meetings with 75+ attendees may request space up to 9 months in advance

Calendar of Events

Request a reservation

Julius Glickman Conference Center

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