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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide assistance with new construction projects and to manage and facilitate light renovation projects for the College of Liberal Arts.

Each department has unique needs and opportunities, and LAITS Building Services strives to make the operations of these spaces as smooth and successful as possible.

What LAITS Building Services does:

We are here to support faculty and staff of the college in the set up and configuration of new and existing academic and research space. This primarily includes projects vetted and approved through the IT Grants project or other formal written requests. For additional general information regarding Building Services projects, contact Grant Barger, Assistant Director of Facility Management.

What the University does:

The university provides maintainance, security, and other facilities support on a centralized basis.

Please contact these units by visiting Central Facilities Services or calling 1-2020, for issues and requests in the following areas:

  • Zone Maintenance (Heating/Cooling)
  • Event Requests
  • Surplus Furniture (need for, or removal of)
  • Campus Security Systems Help and Support

Useful links to centralized services include:

If you have other questions regarding the general operations of buildings, contact your building manager, who is the person assigned to general facilities issues in your building, or your administrative manager, who might have additional information specific to your department.

Find information about your building by building name

If you aren't sure if your project fits within LAITS Building Service's scope, please contact Grant Barger for an initial discussion.

Wm Grant Barger

Assistant Director for Facilities

MEZ 3.314

Julie Nodine

Project Manager, CLA Building Manager

CLA 4.306

Emily Wiegand

Information Technology Coordinator

FAC 29

Adrienne Witzel

LabSpace Program Manager

CLA 4.420

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