College of Liberal Arts


The College of Liberal Arts is changing the way that we provide computers for our faculty.  The college will take the responsibility to make sure that every T-TT faculty member has one, college-provided computer that is less than four years old.  Our target will be to replace computers every three years. 

The program will put newer computers on many of your desks and will relieve hard pressed department budgets from filling in the gaps the old system left.  The number of computers the college will purchase will increase significantly, but we will more than pay for them with savings from bulk purchases, maintenance, support, and repurposing.

Bulk purchases save us tens of thousands of dollars each year. The more we buy, the less we pay for each machine. By buying faculty computers along with lab and classroom computers in the summer, we will double the number of machines we buy with each purchase.  Buying lots of machines together will also mean we have larger and fewer “generations” of computers.  This reduces the number of unique models our staff need to be expert on and both lowers support cost and increases the quality of support.  Maintenance is also easier and cheaper with few different types of machines to cope with. 

Repurposing is an efficiency that affects you more directly.  Replacing faculty computers every three years seems to add cost, but it actually guarantees a supply of reasonably-recent, used machines in good condition that can be assigned to staff, graduate students, reading rooms, and other uses.