College of Liberal Arts


LAITS centrally manages equipment inventory for the College of Liberal Arts. Each Liberal Arts unit, however, for obvious reasons needs to continue to have at least one staff member who remains knowledgeable of current inventory policies and communicates effectively with LAITS staff.

LAITS needs to be notified whenever units purchase equipment requiring UT tags or move equipment from one location to another without LAITS involvement.

Please do not update any of your inventory records via DEFINE or CCARTs. As LAITS will be managing Liberal Arts inventory with a different software application, any changes you make yourself ultimately will be lost.

Please use the LAITS Communication Web Tool to communicate equipment inventory and surplus information to LAITS staff.

Items requiring at UT inventory tag:

  • Guns (any cost)
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Stereo, Camera, Video Recorder, TV, VCR, Data Projector if cost is $500+ (including shipping charges)
  • Server, Furniture & Equipment, Motor Vehicle, Telecomm Equipment if cost is $5,000+ (including shipping charges)
  • Software if cost is $100,000+ (including shipping charges)