College of Liberal Arts


WORQSpace updates are centrally managed by LAITS and reported to the Office of the Provost.

Please use the LAITS Communication Web Tool to communicate space updates to LAITS staff.

Because occupant information and other types of space data change frequently, please be diligent in reporting changes so that LAITS may process updates for you. LAITS will continue to maintain the official space data for the college, but you and your staff will remain responsible for reporting changes to us. As we do not wish for the accuracy of our college data to degrade over time, please train yourself and your staff to get into the habit of reporting space changes as a matter of every day business.

Currently, the online data via the WORQSpace application does not reflect all of the updates that LAITS has submitted to the Provost's Office. Therefore, please simply report accurate data to LAITS as changes occur, and we will make sure that those changes are ultimately incorporated into the Provost's WORQSpace database.