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Photo of Geoffrey A Boyd

Geoffrey A Boyd

Senior Software Developer / Analyst

Photo of Tim Fackler

Tim Fackler

Director of Instructional Technology |
232-5698 |
MEZ 2.302JB

Photo of Ruben Garza

Ruben Garza

Software Engineer |
MEZ 2.302J

Photo of Andre Leroux

Andre Leroux

Marketing Manager |
471-0310 |
MEZ 2.302L

Photo of Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore

Information Specialist |
MEZ 1.308

Photo of Suloni Robertson

Suloni Robertson

Art Director / STA Program Manager |
471-0343 |
MEZ 2.116

Photo of Stacy Vlasits

Stacy Vlasits

Web Designer |
471-0246 |
MEZ 2.302J