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Digital Media & Web Services

Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services provides web, multimedia, and application development services and support for instructional and academic content delivered on the web and by other methods.

Professional programmers, graphic artists, audio and video specialists, and student technology assistants can help with a wide variety of project needs including:

For specific needs, contact the staff below:

Audio recording, lecture online, digitization, and Web delivery
          Mike Heidenreich, 471-0025 MEZ 1.116

Video transfers, transcoding, duplication, recording, and Web delivery
           Daniel Garza, 232-5186, MEZ 2.302J

Departmental Web Services:
            Andre Leroux, 471-0310, MEZ 2.302

Walk-in services: web & print design:
                           Suloni Robertson, MEZ 2.116

Video Services

LAITS provides video services for faculty and staff. Services include video transfers, transcoding, duplication, recording, editing, and post-production for course/web development projects.  For more information, visit Video Services. Contact Daniel Garza for details.

Audio Services

LAITS provides audio services to Liberal Arts faculty and staff. Services include the remastering, digitization and online streaming of audio for instructional courses, in addition to studio and field recording for course/web development projects.  For more information, visit Audio Services. Contact Michael Heidenreich for details.

Departmental Web Services

LAITS develops, hosts, and maintains the public websites of the College's departments, centers, institutes, organizations, and initiatives.  For more information, visit Departmental Web Services.
Contact Andre Leroux for details.

Walk-in Services

For small walk-in projects please contact Suloni Robertson for an initial project scope assessment.  For projects within scope, please expect at least a two week turn around time from your initial request.  We provide walk-in services on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional information about digital media and web services in the College of Liberal Arts, please contact LAITS Associate Director Jim Henson.


James Henson

LAITS Associate Director

(512) 471-0090
MEZ 2.302E

Daniel Garza

Video Services

(512) 232-5186
MEZ 2.303

Mike Heidenreich

Audio Services

(512) 471-0025
MEZ 1.116

Andre Leroux

Departmental Web Services

(512) 471-0310
MEZ 2.302J

Suloni Robertson

Walk-in Services
Student Technology Assistants

MEZ 2.116

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