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The following table is a comprehensive list of instructional course websites produced by both Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services and the College of Liberal Arts. Listings marked with a [*] have been produced by or with the assistance of LAITS. If you need assistance with your course website, see Instructional Web Services.

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  Course Information Course Description
Icon Jerusalem in Israeli Literature and Cinema If I Forget Thee: Jerusalem in Israeli Literature & Cinema
Dr Yaron Shemer
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Class presentations for an Israeli cinema class.
Icon Intrigue: Intermediate French Intrigue: Intermediate French
Dr Beatriz E Schleppe
French and Italian
A restricted web site (accessible to University of Texas students) containing supplemental course materials for French 312K.
Icon Introducing German Introducing German!
Professor Kit Belgum
Germanic Studies
A web site of the German Outreach Program offering an eight-lesson German course to elementary and middle schools of the Austin Independent School District.
Icon Iron Age Celts * Iron Age Celts
Dr Constanze Witt
A website devoted to the study of ancient Celts through both the archaeology of the Celtic world and the Greek and Roman writings about the Celts, covering the late Hallstatt period of the sixth century BCE through the Roman period.
Icon Japanese Program Japanese Program
Dr Naoko Suito
Asian Studies
The web site for the Japanese Program of the Department Of Asian Studies, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin.
Icon Jesus in American Culture * Jesus In American Culture
Professor Howard Miller
"A Lecture Course In Forty Days." Lectures by UT historian and distinguished teacher Dr. Howard Miller in his course Jesus in American Culture.
Icon La Muse Renaissante * La Muse Renaissante
Professor Marc Bizer
French and Italian
A restricted web site (available only to University of Texas students) introducing and exploring the poetry of the French Renaissance.
Icon LANIC Latin American Network Information Center
Faculty and Staff of the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Virtual Library for Latin American Studies
Icon Law and Democracy in Latin America * Law and Democracy in Latin America
Professor Daniel Brinks
A restricted (open only to University students) web site exploring many of the challenges to the rule of law across Latin America, and their connection to democracy.
Icon Leaves of Grass/Song of Myself * Leaves of Grass
Coleman Hutchison, Olin Bjork, Michael Winship
This audiotext is presented through a Flash interface that resembles a copy of the original edition of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass lying open on a desk.
Icon Lescant Lescant
Orlando Kelm
Center for International Business Education and Research
The idea behind this site is to give students experience in identifying cultural differences that come up whenever we deal with people from other cultures. Most contributions to this database come from students who were enrolled in our study abroad programs. We use the LESCANT model as a way to categorize the photos and the topics.
Icon Liberal Arts Lecture Archive * Liberal Arts Lecture Archive
Liberal Arts
An archive of video recordings of lectures by leading teachers and experts in the College of Liberal Arts which the College will provide via the Web to support classroom instruction, to edify the public, and to further the aims of liberal arts education.
Icon Malayalam Audio Download Malayalam Audio Download
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
A downloadable series of audio recordings for Rodney F. Moag's textbook, Malayalam: A University Course and Reference Grammar.
Icon Masterworks of World Lit Richmond-Garza * Masterworks Of Literature: World
Dr Elizabeth Richmond-Garza
A supplemental web site for English 316K and Comparative Literature 315 restricted to students of the class.
Icon Masterworks of World Literature - Doherty Masterworks Of World Literature
Dr Brian Doherty
Supplemental web site for Brian Doherty's E316K class.
Icon Modern Hebrew Project Modern Hebrew Project
Professor Esther Raizen
Linguistics Research Center
Hebrew tutorial and Hebrew linguistic tools.
Icon Modernity, Anxiety, and the Art of the Uncanny Modernity, Anxiety, and the Art of the Uncanny
Professor E. M. Richmond-Garza
This site serves as a component of the Modernity, Anxiety, and the Art of the Uncanny course. The course will invite students to explore the interdisciplinary and multimedia connections among the arts with an emphasis on the cultural politics and aesthetic innovation of these tense moments in the course of several written and internet based projects.
Icon Muslim Histories and Cultures * Muslim Histories and Cultures
UTeach Liberal Arts
A collection of online course materials and lesson plans about Muslim histories and cultures; access is restricted to registered users.
Icon Not Even Past * Not Even Past
Joan Neuberger
Not Even Past provides dynamic, accessible, short articles on every field of History. Founded in 2010 and developed by the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin, Not Even Past speaks to everyone interested in the past and in the ways the past lives on in the present.
Icon Paradise Lost * Paradise Lost Audiotext
Professor John Rumrich
An interactive version of Paradise Lost, with four modes, each of which offers a distinct visual engagement with the poem.
Icon Persian Catch Up at the Cafe Persian Catch Up at the Cafe
Anousha Shahsavari
ROTC Language Culture Project, Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Persian Catch Up@the Café is intended for English speaking intermediate Persian learners to brush up on your language skills before moving on to an advanced course on their own time. An Open Educational Resource from the ROTC Language Culture Project and the Department of Middle Eastern Studies.
onda latina thumbnail
The Onda Latina Collection
Center for Mexican American Studies, Department of History, The Benson Latin American Collection
The Onda Latina website houses a collection of radio shows originally created by the Longhorn Radio Network and broadcast on KUT under the name 'The Mexican American Experience' and 'A esta hora conversamos' between 1976 and 1982.
Icon Parlons Francais Parlons Francais
French and Italian
A web site designed to help prepare for a trip to France.
Icon Passe Partout * Passe Partout
Dr. Cheney Crow
PASSE-PARTOUT was developed to help intermediate and advanced students improve their oral comprehension skills. A sequence of audio and video selections provides the basis for comprehension exercises of increasing difficulty.
Icon Persian Online * Persian Online
Koorosh Angali
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
A Persian language reference for teachers and students of modern Persian.
Icon Phonology Phonology: Case Studies
Professors Scott Myers and Megan Crowhurst
The phonology of a language consists of the patterns of distribution of its speech categories. Phonological analysis is the process of determining what those patterns are, how they can be represented, and why they are the way they are. This site provides a basic introduction for students learning how to do phonological analysis.
Icon Pitch Perfect Pinyin * Pitch Perfect Pinyin
Faculty and Staff of the Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies
Interactive exercises for mandarin chinese pronunciation.
Icon Primate Evolution * Primate Evolution
Professor Liza J Shapiro
A restricted web site (only for use by students at the University of Texas) containing anthropology labs and a database with information and images on all of the major fossil primate groups.
Icon RA * Radio Arlecchino Selection of aural Italian grammar lessons (podcasts).  Grammar examples and dialogs are built upon the escapades of characters from the Italian Commedia dell'arte.
Icon Reading Between the Lines * Reading Between The Lines (Lyre entre les lignes)
Professor Marc Bizer
French and Italian
Interactive examinations of French poetry.
Icon Reading Comprehension Strategy Training Reading Comprehension Strategy Training
Per Urlaub
Germanic Studies
In this site, you will learn to interact with German literary texts by generating questions in English. In traditional literature learning environments, learners are confronted with questions asked by an instructor. This training is different. It helps you to formulate stimulating questions independently from an instructor.
Icon REENIC Russian and East European Network Information Center
Faculty and Staff of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
Resources on Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia.
Icon Rockin Russian

Rockin Russian
Thomas Garza
Slavic Studies

Video playlist featuring a collection of Music videos from MTV Russia with subtitles and exercises for all proficiency levels.

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