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The following table is a comprehensive list of instructional course web sites produced by both Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services and the College of Liberal Arts. Listings marked with a [*] have been produced by or with the assistance of LAITS. If you need assistance with your course website, see Instructional Web Services.

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  Course Information Course Description
Icon Sami Culture Sámi Culture
John Weinstock
Germanic Studies
A comprehensive introduction to the Sámi culture and history of Finland.
Icon Shakespeare Kids ShakespeareKids
Clayton Stromberger
Web site of the Outreach program of Shakespeare at Winedale designed to interest children and young adults in Shakespeare. Also includes resources for parents, teachers and administrators in adding Shakespeare to the lives of young students.
Icon SMIDonline SMIDonline
Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory
Studies in Mycenaean Inscriptions and Dialect (SMID) is an analytical bibliography of Mycenaean text studies, including short summaries of scholarly works, cross-references of reviews, and indices of Linear B and Linear A signs, words and texts, as well as a fully cross-referenced subject index.
Icon Spanish Civilization * Spanish Civilization
Dr. Inés Bergquist and Professor Madeline Sutherland-Meier
Spanish and Portuguese
Spanish Civilization through art, architecture, maps and music.
Icon Spanish Corpus Proficiency Level Training * Spanish Corpus Proficiency Level Training
Professor Dale Koike
Spanish and Portuguese
Provides Spanish language learner data to teacher candidates and students of Spanish applied linguistics and second language acquisition to familiarize them with learner language of different levels. Serves as a corpus of Spanish language learner data that can be used as the basis for assignments and research projects in Spanish courses.
Icon Spanish Grammar Exercises Spanish Grammar Exercises
Spanish and Portuguese
Exercises and drills for supplemental learning for Spanish students at the University of Texas at Austin.
Icon Spanish Proficiency Exercises * Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Professor Orlando Kelm
Spanish and Portuguese
A compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks.
Icon Studies in Victorian Lit * Studies of Victorian Literature
Professor John Farrell
A resource for Victorian literature studies featuring supplemental information on writers, poets and sages.
Icon Tamil Tamil Script Learner's Manual
Sankaran Radhakrishnan
Asian Studies
This Tamil instructional language material emerged from the author’s personal experience as a Tamil teacher, primarily of students who wanted to learn a second language in the classrooms of the United States university system. This manual is a culmination of a wide-range of experiences and should be useful to the heritage and non-heritage Tamil students alike.
Icon Tex's French Grammar * Tex's French Grammar
Professor Carl Blyth and Karen Kelton
French and Italian
An online introductory grammar of the French language with a sense of humor.
Icon Texas Beyond History Texas Beyond History
Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory
A public education project focussing on the cultural heritage of Texas via archaeological and historical research.
Icon Texas German Dialect Project Texas German Dialect Project
Hans Boas
Germanic Studies
The Texas German Dialect Project (TGDP) is an umbrella organization for carrying out research in representative Texas German speech communities in central Texas. One of the primary goals of the TGDP is to preserve the Texas German dialect as it reflects the rich cultural and linguistic traditions of its residents.
Icon Texas Politics * Texas Politics
Dr. James Henson
An online textbook for Texas Politics at the college level.
Icon Text Practice Performance Text Practice Performance

The Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies (APCCS), Anthroplogy

Text Practice Performance is the peer-reviewed, student-edited journal of the Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Please direct all questions and blog submissions to
Icon Cicero * The Cicero Homepage
Andrew M. Riggsby
An extensive, ongoing searchable bibliography of the works of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Contributions are welcome.
Icon Human Instinct for Language The Human Instinct for Language
Stephen Wechsler
A non-technical introduction to the controversial Innateness Hypothesis, according to which the organization of human language (i.e. the "grammar") is innate, that is, inborn.
Icon Ring of the Nibelung The Ring of the Nibelung
Dr. John Weinstock
Germanic Studies
A collection of resources pertaining to Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung.
Icon Silver Muse The Silver Muse Project
Professor Andrew Zissos
A hypertext system of reading guides, commentaries, essays and notes for Roman Imperial Poetry.
Icon Tornadoes * Tornadoes: A Radar and Satellite Perspective
Troy Kimmel
An introduction to the science of tornadoes through video, images, and maps.
Icon Yiddish Culture/Writers Yiddish Culture in America/Yiddish Writers in New York
Dr. Itzak Gottesman
Germanic Studies
An exploration of American Yiddish culture through Literature, Education, Press, and the Theater.

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