College of Liberal Arts

Friday Tech Forum: East European Jewish History and ASL Online

Neuburger and Ramont Giacona to present instructional technology projects.

Friday Mar 26, 2010 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Mezes Hall, Basement Auditorium (MEZ B0.306)

Mary Neuburger, Associate Professor of History, will present her website-in-progress, a portal to East European Jewish History. The site includes a comprehensive view of Jewish life in discrete parts of Eastern Europe, through both interactive and static maps, images, time lines, and population statistics.  Its goal is to allow visitors to explore Jewish history in the region, as well as to facilitate undergraduate and graduate student research.

Franky Ramont Giacona, Senior Lecturer of Linguistics, will discuss the ASLOnline series – three online tutorial websites developed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced American Sign Language students at UT.  She will recap a brief history of the project and will discuss current progress toward its final phase. Included will be examples of unit themes and movies included in the website, clarification of what distinguishes ASLOnline as a unique language learning resource, and a discussion of future goals for the websites in learning environments outside of UT and with native/first-language learners of ASL.


The Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services holds monthly "Friday Technology Forum" presentations, designed to showcase the ways faculty put technology to work in the classroom.

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