College of Liberal Arts

Classroom Help Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a problem in my classroom?

The technology support telephone number is 512-232-5400.  Problems may also be reported using e-mail at the following address:

Is the technology help desk available only during business hours?

The helpdesk telephone number is answered from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm weekdays. There will not always be someone on campus, during odd hours, to physically respond to your needs, however, most problems can be resolved on the telephone.

Do I need a key to access the A/V equipment?

Some installations are in wooden cabinets. You may need a key to access some of the equipment. Consult the university-wide technology classroom database to see a photograph of your installation. 

How do I check out a key, and how long will it take?

All university faculty and staff (including TAs and AIs) may check out the console keys at the front desk in MEZ 2.302 between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. It should only take a few minutes to have a key issued to you.

Can I make a video or conference call from a Classroom?

Liberal Arts ITS can now provide interactive videoconferencing in SAC, FAC and CLA . Email: for more information. In addition, most Macintosh OS-X computers in classrooms have the Skype application. WebCams are available for check-out and are "plug and play" on the OS-X computers. For more information see Using Skype in CoLA classrooms.

Do all Liberal Arts media consoles have computers in them?

Most installations have a computer that can run either Microsoft Windows or the Macintosh OS-X operating system. Some small seminar rooms are designed for you to bring your own laptop as a content source. Check the Classroom Database for a description of the equipment in each room.

What if I want to install a software application on the computer in my classroom?

Requests pertaining to classroom technology may be made to:

Classroom Operation Questions

How do I turn on the data projector?

When you consult the classroom database about the installation in your room you can access an explanatory tutorial.

The computer in my room has an Apple logo and a Windows logo on the screen - how do I make it work?

Dual boot computers can be used as Apple OS-X platforms or as Windows platforms. Click on the logo to select the operating system you choose.

How can I display my laptop on the classroom projector?

VGA and Audio cables are provided in most installations. Some installations have HDMI cables. An AC power outlet is located nearby. After connection, press the Laptop button and, if needed, Send to Projector. If you have problems getting your laptop to display, re-start it. 

The system shut down after 3 hours! … for no reason!

The system is designed to shut down after a predetermined length of time when not being used. Anytime a user selects a button on the touchscreen the timer resets. If you, for instance, turned the System Power on, displayed your laptop computer, and never again touched the control touch-screen, the system would shut down after the set period of time had elapsed from the moment you pressed "Laptop".

Where can I find more information about my room?

You'll find more information by consulting the  University of Texas Technology Classroom Database (UT EID required). Or, you can call the College of Liberal Arts technology help desk, at 512•232•5400.