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Request Cabling and Port Activation

Liberal Arts Network Services will activate ethernet ports (i.e., patch into a switch) for any of it's component departments. Please send a request to providing the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Building
  • Room
  • Ethernet Port

We will assist any Liberal Arts component with preparing a work order to obtain additional network (data) cabling. In many cases, the College of Liberal Arts will fund cabling projects. Please contact to discuss your project.

Report Network Issues and Outages

If you are experiencing issues with your network connection or believe that there is a network outage in your building, please contact .

Wireless Accounts for Visitors

Visiting Researchers/Scholars

For Departments or centers who will have a long-term visiting researcher/scholar, or similar position, the proper route to gain wireless access for these users is to provide them with the appropriate privileges within the HRMS system. Please contact your departmental administrative staff to assist with this function. Users should be provided with these two privileges: 'Treat Like an Employee' and 'Public Network Access'.


Coupons and conferences codes for the "attwifi" wireless network are now available for purchase at the Campus Computer Store for units wishing to sponsor access for visitors.

The university has negotiated with AT&T to provide wireless access to visitors on a new campus wireless network called "attwifi". This convenient service allows visitors to use their credit card to purchase wireless access as they would in airports or coffee shops. It also protects the integrity and security of the campus network by moving visitor traffic to another service. The "attwifi" network is available in most campus locations.

For more information, please contact (471-6387).

Other Situations

If your situation does not match one of the above situations, please send a support request to

Obtain IP Addresses and DNS Information

Please send all requests regarding IP address distribution, new subnets, and the management of DNS zone files to