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Mar. 31, 2010 Round-Up: Information Technology in Higher Education

Wed, Mar 31, 2010

This week's round-up is a broad summary of what's new in higher education information technology.

  • Future of Higher Education (EDUCAUSE Quarterly)
    "The learning enterprise for students is changing, most likely forever. [...] The mechanisms for certifying competency (along with what I will refer to as emergent learning communities) provide the value — and brand — of traditional universities in the 21st century."
  • The State of Technology in Higher Education: A Conversation with The Campus Computing Project's Kenneth Green (IMS Global Learning Consortium)
    "Kenneth C. Green is the founding director of The Campus Computing Project (, the largest continuing study of the role of information technology in American colleges and universities. Begun in 1990, Campus Computing is widely cited by both campus officials and corporate executives as a definitive source for data, information, and insight about information technology planning and policy issues affecting American higher education. A keynote speaker at this year's Learning Impact 2010, IMS Global recently spoke with Green about trends in higher education technology and what we can expect during the coming decade."
  • Draft National Educational Technology Plan (U.S. Dept. of Education)
    "Secretary Arne Duncan invites comments on the draft National Educational Technology Plan. Announced on March 5, the plan describes how information and communication technologies can help transform American education. It provides concrete goals to inform state and local educational technology plans, and recommendations to inspire research, development, and innovation. This plan is a draft. 'We are open to your comments,' Secretary Duncan said. 'Tell us about how technology has changed your school or classroom.'"
  • Things I learned while not attending SXSW 2010 (Center for Instructional Technology, Duke Univ.)
    "While none of us at CIT actually attended SXSWi this week, we’ve been able to pick up some of the more important bits and pieces via blogs, news feeds, and of course, Twitter (#sxsw). Three sessions in particular included information which may be useful/interesting/thought-provoking for those of us in higher ed:" Universities in the "Free" Era, Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity, How the Other Half Lives: Touring the Digital Divide.
  • Colleges of Education Are Urged to Focus More on Online Learning (Chronicle of Higher Education)
    "The draft of a new federal plan focuses on improving digital learning at the elementary- and secondary-school level, but it calls for changes in higher education as well."
  • 8 in 10 Students Turn to Wikipedia for Research (Campus Technology)
    "Eighty-two percent of students in higher education turn to Wikipedia for their course-related research. But, according to a new report out of the University of Washington, most are doing it just to give their research a jump start."
  • Let Faculty Off The Hook (Campus Technology)
    "Why is it taking so long for higher education faculty to adapt to the myriad opportunities made available by information technology and Web 2.0 interfaces and functionalities? Instead of trying to find fault, let’s look for causes."

There were also a flurry of updates recently on how higher education can, should, and is currently going mobile.

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