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Chinese Take-In Wins IITAP Top Honors

Wed, Apr 28, 2010
Chinese Take-In
Chinese Take-In

The LAITS-sponsored Chinese Take-In project won Top Honor for Distinction in Instructional Approach on Tuesday from the Innovative Instructional Technology Awards Program (IITAP), part of the Division for Instructional Innovation and Assessment (DIIA).

As part of her prize Wen-Hua won an iPad, which she was last seen hugging closely to herself while smiling with delight.

Congratulations to Wen-Hua Teng and LAITS project manager Michael Heidenreich. Additional thanks to Suloni Robertson, Ran An, Jim Henson and STAs Kelli Gross & Christine Wu for all the work they put into creating the Chinese Take-In site.

To view the award-winning project:

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