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May 19, 2010 Round-Up: Language Instruction

Wed, May 19, 2010

This week includes resources for language instruction and several blog posts from language teachers regarding technology in the classroom.

  • UCLA Language Materials Project (UCLA)
    "The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Funded by the US Department of Education's International Education and Research program, the LMP was created in 1992. It is affiliated with the UCLA Center for World Languages. Both groups are members of the UCLA International Institute."
  • Images for Language Instruction (Humanities Resource Center, Princeton University)
    "The Realia Project is an online searchable source of royalty-free, faculty-reviewed images for use as teaching materials in the foreign language classroom."
  • How technology can help with language instruction (eSchool News)
    "Learning a foreign language is an increasingly important skill for success in the global economy—and learning to speak and read English fluently is vital to the success of ESL students. Fortunately, students and educators have more language acquisition resources at their disposal today than ever before. With the generous support of Recorded Books, we’ve assembled this collection of stories from the eSchool News archives to help you understand how schools are using multimedia technology to enhance language learning within the walls of their classrooms—and beyond."
  • College, K12 Inc. Forge Language-Learning Partnership (Education Week)
    "Spurred by the rising demand for high-quality, affordable foreign-language instruction for cash-strapped schools, as well as to cultivate new streams of revenue, Middlebury College and K12 Inc. have teamed up to build a series of online language courses for high school students."
  • Integrating blogs into the language classroom (personal blog)
    "After looking at the different web 2.0 technologies, I can think of quite a few ways to integrate blogs into my class, as a stand-alone project or in conjunction with other technologies."
  • What a language teacher's job is (personal blog)
    "According to Krashen, as cited in Lee and Van Patten (1995), " long as there is motivation and the right affective environment (e.g., low anxiety), a person cannot avoid learning a second language if there is sustained comprehensible input" (29). They cite other researchers that say this is overstating the case somewhat, and they themselves stake out the position that using the language in communicative settings is necessary for learning languages. However, to the extent that this statement is true, it has powerful implications for language learning and, by extension, language instruction."
  • When Free Isn't Free (personal blog)
    "My original article for this issue was about free social networking tools you can use to support language instruction. There are many different applications out there to support social networking, that in turn support a variety of instructional activities you can use in the language classroom."
  • US: Imagining a world without lecturers (University World News)
    "For the past nine months, an ad hoc task force has been meeting to rethink the structure of the humanities division at the University of California, Los Angeles. All people interested in the future of higher education should be concerned with this report that makes several questionable recommendations."
  • Quality of Instruction - Not Language of Instruction - Matters Most in the Education of English Language Learners (Johns Hopkins University)
    "A new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Research and Reform in Education could change the way schools in the United States teach non-native speakers to read and speak in English."

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