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June 2, 2010 Round-Up: Lecture Captures

Wed, Jun 2, 2010
  • Robotics in the Special Needs Classroom (TechNewsWorld)
    "'Assistive technologies help students with special needs, but may also be able to help students who are poor performers or have some special learning style,' said Don Knezek, CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education. 'There is a tremendous, positive feeling toward assistive technologies in the general education technology community.'"
  • Live speech to text during lectures (Telic: A blog about Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Southampton)
    "The project explored the use of commercial PC-based speech-to-text systems such as Dragon Dictate to create a transcript of a live lecture and display it. The primary aim was to support deaf students and hopefully avoid their need for human assistants."
  • Eliminating Barriers in Lecture Capture: Providing Equal Education for Disabled Students (Campus Technology)
    Webcast; requires registration. "Hear Dr. Robert Wyatt, director of distance learning and associate professor of Biology at Western Kentucky University and Erika Domatti, associate professor of English speakers of other languages at Austin Community College discuss how they use Tegrity's lecture capture technology to provide disabled students the same standard of education as other students pursuing their academic career."
  • Organizing and Understanding Technologies used to Enhance Teaching (Center for Teaching and Technology, MSU College of Education)
    "Thanks to some colleagues at MSU’s vuDAT, there is a good resource to share that helps to give short but sweet explanations about some of the more popular technologies used to enhance teaching." Includes link to PDF download.
  • Lecture Capture Technology White Paper Available (Iowa State University Information Technology)
    "Lecture capture technology can fundamentally alter the way instructors and students interact in the classroom. Read more about the potential of this technology in a new white paper [PDF] that is available on the ComETS website." Includes link to PDF download.
  • Adding Value to Screen-Based Lecture Capture (Instructional Design Open Studio blog, Information Technology Assistance Center and Office of Mediated Education at Kansas State University)
    "Recently, several of us instructional designers presented to faculty working on a graduate degree project. One of the early presentations involved training the faculty on some technologies for screen-based lecture captures. That involved lowering the learning curve on those technologies and encouraging them to be comfortable with the experimentation, the fumbling, and the way they sound to themselves online. We showed that it was okay to show themselves as human, and we showcased some endeavors for telepresence."
  • Education Technology – Changing the Nature of Education, and Building a Bridge to Tomorrow (Guest post on The Official Microsoft Blog)
    "I write about Education Technology, and oversee a department that implements and supports it in a small private college in New York. Education technology is something that I'm passionate about, especially when I think about the many ways that it can engage and inspire today's students. There is enormous potential for emerging technologies to positively affect education."
  • Curricular Media Platforms? (BlogU, Inside Higher Ed)
    "Seems to me that the explosion of media being produced on campus, combined with the increasing demand to utilize existing rich media inside the LMS and library systems for courses, would be driving a significant market in curricular media platforms."

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