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June 9, 2010 Round-Up: Information Technology in Higher Education

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

This is the last edition of our round-up experiment. Thank you very much for your participation and support, and look for relevant articles and topics in future LAITS news posts.

  • Is Higher Education Losing Its Influence Over the Tech Industry? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
    "Are universities losing their influence over the tech sector? Yes, argues Greg Smith, chief information officer at George Fox University, in a provocative post on his blog."
  • Using Data to Drive Performance (Inside Higher Ed)
    "Pockets of experimentation and potential change are cropping up all over the place in higher education. Here, it's the OpenCourseWare movement. There, colleges are adopting "just in time" remediation. And over here, some states are changing funding formulas to reward institutions for graduating students rather than merely enrolling them. But what do the individual innovations amount to?"
  • Augmented reality takes hold in classrooms (eSchool News)
    "A small but growing number of schools across the nation are turning classroom lessons into engaging experiences with augmented reality (AR), a technology that overlays digital information on top of real-world surroundings as viewed through a smart phone or other handheld, GPS-enabled device."
  • Education IT To Grow $2.5 Billion (Campus Technology)
    "Technology spending in education is seeing a surge in 2010. According to information released by IT research firm Gartner, worldwide enterprise IT spending in education will grow 4.1 percent, or about $2.53 billion, over 2009." 
  • Upended by eBooks: Is This the Last Chapter for the Book Business? (Knowledge@Wharton)
    "The book may have a bright future in the digital age. But the road from here to there is badly lit and full of potholes in the view of publishing industry experts speaking at Wharton's Future of Publishing Conference held recently in New York."
  • South Carolina awarded $14.9 million grant to improve student data systems network (WCBD, Charleston SC)
    "The South Carolina Department of Education has been awarded a multimillion-dollar federal grant that will help the state’s educators improve student achievement, teacher performance and school quality, the Institute of Education Sciences announced Friday. The competitive $14.9 million three-year grant is the nation’s sixth-largest among 19 award winners."
  • Competing in the Cloud (Inside Higher Ed)
    "Outsourcing has been part of the higher-ed business model for long enough that contracting a third party to run the campus bookstore or dining hall is not going to raise any eyebrows. But with the digitization of campus bureaucracy and the introduction of "cloud computing" as a windfall for scholars and IT departments, the outsourcing of information services has become a topic of much excitement -- and skepticism -- on college campuses." 
  • The Humanities Go Google (Chronicle of Higher Education)
    "Matthew L. Jockers may be the first English professor to assign 1,200 novels in one class. Lucky for the students, they don't have to read them. As grunts in Stanford University's new Literature Lab, these students investigate the evolution of literary style by teaming up like biologists and using computer programs to "read" an entire library."
  • Syllabi Should Be Open (BlogU, Inside Higher Ed)
    "Every syllabus should be published, indexed, and freely available online. Where possible, the online syllabus should have these 5 traits..."
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