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Upgraded Internet-based Multimedia German Textbook is Released by COERLL

Wed, Oct 5, 2011

Deutsch im Blick (DiB) provides learners everywhere access to a robust multimedia online learning resource for beginning German.

To access the interactive textbook, go to or order the textbook directly at

New features include:
    •    An easy print-on-demand option for the textbook.
    •    Compatibility with smart phones and camera-enabled devices to play video and audio.
    •    Video clips that can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, email, or personal websites.
    •    A web page of interactive and customizable professional development resources.
    •    A Creative Commons license, which allows users to access, adapt, and share the materials. 
DiB features QR codes that link directly to the audio and video on the website and can be easily accessed on smartphones and other camera phones.
"Deutsch im Blick is a great example of how open textbooks allow you to break with tradition," said Carl Blyth, COERLL Director. "For example, most language textbooks focus exclusively on the native speaker. Unlike the majority of German textbooks, DiB presents German language and culture as well as the learner experience. In other words, DiB shows the learner interacting with the native speaker in the context of a study abroad program in Wurzburg, Germany."
The original resource, launched in 2008, included a comprehensive 10-chapter textbook accessed online, over 300 video clips of native speakers and students, audio samples of language use, and grammar study. The DiB textbook project was sponsored by two FIPSE (Fund for Innovation in Post Secondary Education) grants promoting open access learning and collaborative publishing.  
COERLL is one of 15 language resource centers funded by the US Department of Education, and it's work is organized around seven basic areas:
    •    Applied linguistic research
    •    Teaching materials
    •    Language assessment
    •    Teacher development
    •    Less commonly taught languages
    •    K-12 initiatives
    •    Outreach and dissemination
COERLL's mission is to produce and disseminate Open Educational Resources (OERs)  to the public through online language courses, reference grammars, assessment tools, corpora, and other methods. The term OER refers to any educational material offered freely for anyone to use and, with permission, to re-mix, improve, and redistribute. In addition, COERLL aims to reframe foreign language education in terms of bilingualism and/or multilingualism. For more information, visit


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