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Welcome to the Liberal Arts Building, home to the College of Liberal Arts.  

Building Overview

Lost and Found

Bicycle Racks

Comfort/Quiet Room

Holding Events and Meetings in CLA

Martin Dies Student Center

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Photography in CLA

Building Overview:

The Liberal Arts building is located off 23rd street and the San Jacinto Circle. The 200,000 square foot building houses 11 Liberal Arts departments, centers and programs. Spaces include faculty and graduate student offices, labs, seminar rooms, classrooms, study spaces, and a student lounge and advising center. More information about the funding and construction of CLA is available on the Public Affairs web page.

Current CLA Occupants include:

Ground Floor

General Purpose Classrooms
Geography and the Environment Labs
ROTC Fitness Room

First Floor

General Purpose Classrooms
College of Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS) Center
Computer Labs
LAITS Classroom Help Desk
Liberal Arts Academic Advisors
Julius Glickman Conference Center
Martin Dies Student Center

Second Floor

Liberal Arts Honors Program
Humanities Program
Native American Indigenous Studies
Plan II Honors Program
Population Research Center
Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies

Third Floor

Department of Geography and the Environment
Department of Sociology
LAITS Meeting Room
Urban Ethnography Lab

Fourth Floor

Building Manager
Child Language Lab
Comfort/Quiet Room
Department of Linguistics
ATS Faculty and Staff Computer Support
Humanities Institute (SAC vis SkyBridge)
Institute for Mental Health Research
Faculty/Staff/Gradudate Lounge (BACS Access)
Gender-neutral restroom

Fifth Floor

Department of Air Force Science
Department of Military Science
Department of Naval Science

Lost & Found:

Found items may be turned into the Classroom Help Desk located at CLA 1.214. To claim a lost item, please visit CLA 1.214 Monday-Friday, 8 am to 3 pm.  Unclaimed items may be turned over to the UT Police Department after 1 week.  

Bicycle Racks:

Bike racks are located on the northwest side of the CLA. Additional racks may be found along the south side of 23rd Street, or the circle drive, located to the east of CLA.    

Comfort Room/Quiet Room Information:

The CLA Comfort Room is located on the fourth floor, and is available by for use by students, faculty, and staff on a first-come, first-serve basis. In some cases, reservations may be made for specific times through the public CLA calendar that is managed by CLA. If your needs conflict with someone who has already reserved the room, you will need to negotiate with that person. Intended users are nursing mothers to pump breast milk or for individuals with medical conditions requiring a rest period during the day (such as those undergoing chemotherapy or other reasons related to a non-contagious condition). Contact your departmental manager or the CLA building manager for access to the space. A gender-neutral bathroom is next door. 

You may check the current CLA Comfort Room availability at any time by visiting the CLA Comfort room public calendar.  If you need to use the room on a recurring basis, you may add your own appointments to the calendar.  Request calendar edit permissions by emailing the CLA Reservation office and include "Request access to CLA Comfort Room Calendar" in the subject line.

Click here for more information about UT's Lactation/Quiet Rooms.  

Holding Events and Meetings in CLA

Liberal Arts faculty and staff are eligiable to reserve rooms in CLA for meetings, conferences, and other events.  Most rooms in CLA are equipped with a full media console with projector, speakers, blue ray player, laptop connections, and ceiling-mounted document cameras.  Along with the Julius Glickman Conference Center, CLA offers a number of smaller rooms from between 6 and 35 seats.  Please see the LAITS Room Reservation page for more information.

Martin Dies Student Center

The Martin Dies Student Center is located on the first floor of CLA, and is open to all undergraduate students within the College of Liberal Arts. Student must use their UT identification cards to access the space. If you have are a Liberal Arts major with a valid UT ID and cannot access the control panel located next to entrace, you may request access by filling out the access request form. Please allow 24-48 hours for your card to activate. 

The College of Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS) Center and the Wagner Workroom can be accessed through the Dies Center. The Wagner Workroom can seat up to 20 people and may be reserved by student groups for meetings and other events. To inquire about the availability of the Wagner Workroom, please send an email to the Office of Student Affairs.  

Public Displays for Event Advertisement

  • Digital Displays: Information applicable to Liberal Arts students may be submitted for publication on the flat panel displays located near the elevators on each floor of CLA.  Fliers may be submitted as pdf, jpg, or ppt, to CLA Public Signage.  Submissions must be made by 9 am Wednesday morning in order to be displayed beginning the following Monday.  We will not be able to assist with late submissions.
  • Bulletin Boards: Anyone may post signs about an event on any of the public bulletin boards around CLA that are not designated for a department.  Signs and fliers should have an expiration date and should be removed after the expiration date.  Items may be not taped to any of the glass, wood, or painted walls in the building. Items found posted in these areas will be removed immediately.   

Photography in CLA

Photography and filming is permitted within public spaces of CLA for departmental or course related projects.  Camera crews should avoid blocking emergency egress areas.  CLA building management can help determine what areas may require special permissions or access.  Permission from the principal investigator is required when photographing or filming labs, including incidental shots.  The LabSpace pogram can help you determine the best point of contact for individual lab spaces.  For more information regarding UT policies on filming, photography, and permissions, please see UT Communications > Filming at UT.

Public Hours

Monday - Saturday
6 am to 10 pm

Badge accessible

10 pm to 11:45 pm (M-Sat)
6 am - 11:45 pm (Sun)

Closed on Holidays 

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