College of Liberal Arts

LAITS Computer Support Locations

Our Desktop Operations Centers (DOCs) provide in person support to all LAITS Computer Support customers at seven locations across campus. We welcome our customers to stop by any DOC for support. Refer to the list below to locate the DOC most convenient to your building.

DOC RLP 4.224: Robert L. Patton Hall
Buildings Serviced by DOC RLP 4.224

BMA - Blanton Museum of Art
BMS - Blanton Museum Smith Building
BRB - Bernard and Audre Rapoport Building
DEV - Development Office Building
EPS - E. P. Schoch Building
JES - Beauford H. Jester Center
RLP - Robert L. Patton Hall
SAC - Student Activity Center
TCB - J Neils Thompson Commons (Education Research Center)
TCC - Joe C. Thompson Conference Center

DOC HLB 2.401: Health Learning Building
Buildings Serviced by DOC HLB 2.401

DPI -  Dell Pediatric Research Institute
HDB - Health Discovery Building
HLB -  Health Learning Building
HTB - Health Transformation Building
TAR -  Texas Archeological Res. Lab (PRC 5)
WPR -  West Pickle Research Building (PRC 156)

DOC MEZ 2.302: Mezes Hall
Buildings Serviced by DOC MEZ 2.302

BAT - Batts Hall
BEN - Benedict Hall
GAR - Garrison Hall
GSB - Graduate School of Business
MAI - Main Building (Admissions, Registrar)
MEZ - Mezes Hall
SZB - George I. Sánchez Building(Faculty Innovation Center)
PCL - Perry-Casteñeda Library
WAG - Waggener Hall
WCH - Will C. Hogg Building

DOC NUR 2.104P: Nursing School
Buildings Serviced by DOC NUR 2.104P

ANB -  Arno Nowotny Building
JHH -  John Hargis Hall (including remote admissions centers)
LAC -  Lake Austin Center (UT Press)
NUR -  Nursing School (including Children's and Family Wellness Centers)

DOC PAR 108: Parlin Hall
Buildings Serviced by PAR 108

BTL -  Battle Hall
CAL -  Calhoun Hall
FAC -  Peter T. Flawn Academic Center
GEB -  Dorothy L. Gebauer Building
GOL -  Goldsmith Hall
HRC -  Harry Ransom Center
HRH -  Homer Rainey Hall
MAI -  Main Building (Provost Office, Student Success Initiative, and IRRIS only)
PAR -  Parlin Hall
SUT -  Sutton Hall
WMB -  West Mall Office Building

DOC SEA 2.124: Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Building
Buildings Serviced by SEA 2.124

ARC - Animal Resources Center
BME - Biomedical Engineering Building (Dell Medical School)
BUR - Burdine Hall
BWY - 2616 Wichita
DFA - E. William Doty Fine Arts Building (Dell Medical School)
GWB - Gordon-White Building
MBB - Moffett Molecular Biology Building (Dell Medical School)
NHB - Norman Hackerman Building
NMS - Neural and Molecular Science Building (Dell Medical School)
POB - Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building (Dell Medical School)
SEA - Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Building
SSB - Student Services Building
SW7 - 2617 Speedway
WWH - Walter Webb Hall

DOC SSW 1.218EC: School of Social Work
Buildings Serviced by SSW 1.218EC

BEL - L. Theo Bellmont Hall
HLP - Hartland Plaza (School of Social Work)
SRH - Sid Richardson Hall
SSW - School of Social Work Building