College of Liberal Arts

LAITS Computer Support Locations

Our Desktop Operations Centers (DOCs) provide in person support to all LAITS Computer Support customers at seven locations across campus. We welcome our customers to stop by any DOC for support. Refer to the list below to locate the DOC most convenient to your building.

DOC RLP 4.224: Robert L. Patton Hall
Buildings Serviced by DOC RLP 4.224
DOC HLB 2.301: Health Learning Building
Buildings Serviced by DOC HLB 2.301
DOC MEZ 2.302: Mezes Hall
Buildings Serviced by DOC MEZ 2.302
DOC NUR 2.104P: Nursing School
Buildings Serviced by DOC NUR 2.104P

DOC PAR 108: Parlin Hall
Closed for construction on March 13, 2019.


DOC SEA 2.124: Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Building
Buildings Serviced by SEA 2.124
DOC SSW 1.218EC: School of Social Work
Buildings Serviced by SSW 1.218EC