College of Liberal Arts

Walk-in Web & Graphic Design Services

Liberal Arts faculty needing assistance with small web and graphic design projects may contact Suloni Robertson for project scope and timeline assessment. Projects are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis to design and coding Student Technology Assistants, and completed as time permits. Projects include website design, banners, graphics, logos, fliers, posters, and newsletters as well as photography, illustration, and scanning.  

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Photo IDs for the College of Liberal Arts

STAs assist faculty, graduate students, and staff members by ensuring that their pictures on the COLA profile pages are up-to-date. Photos can be submitted by staff or web masters using an on-line form. Please contact Suloni Robertson for details.

Please follow submission guidelines before uploading a picture. 

  • Studio style portraits that appear clear and crisp are easy for us to work with, and the final IDs made from these will have a professional polished look on the web.
  • Non-studio style porttraits that are darkly lit, overly cropped or include other people etc. are difficult for us to work with to create 80x90 pixel thumbnail list page portraits and 200x300 pixel images for profile pages. Please refrain from submitting non-studio style portraits through Qualtrics.
  • It is our preference that the smallest dimension for submitted photos be: width= 600 pixels (at 72 dpi) 
  • We will accept wider or narrower images & prefer that images not be less than 500 pixels wide.

id guidelines

COLA list pages, showing 80x90 pixel portraits:


Faculty and Graduate Student Profile Pages

Faculty and graduate student profiles highlight their interests, research, courses, publication and other media which may interest prospective students and the UT community. Since the profiles rank highly on Google searches, it is important to keep pages updated. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to make appointments with Suloni Robertson to get help with updating their pages.

Example of a faculty page after assistance from STAs


Other examples: Karl Galinsky  Chris Kirk  Erika M. Bsumek

Web Updates

STAs teach faculty and staff how to update their departmental webpages using Cascade.

cascade diagram

Faculty and staff can also use the online COLA help guides to learn how to update their department, center, program, initiative, and institute pages. 

cascade banner

STAs design and upload homepage banners. A STA worked closely with the director for the Program in Comparative Literature to create and design this new homepage graphic.

comparative lit banner

Conference Sites

STAs work with web developers to create conference sites using Wordpress. Here’s an example:

nais site

Graphic Design

STAs work with faculty and staff to create graphics for websites and print design and digital display ads. Here’s an example of an STA’s design mockup for mastery badges.


Print Design

For special events, lectures, or other news, STAs creates flyers, posters, postcards, and newsletters.


summer banner



Image Scanning Services

STAs scan documents, photographs, slides, and negatives.
Scanning projects  are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis to Student Technology Assistants, and completed as time permits.
Services include image handling, sizing, and editing at a rate of $22/hour.
A university account will be required in order to bill labor charges to the appropriate UT entity.
Please contact Suloni Robertson for details.