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Lectures Online

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We offer faculty the ability to record classes in 110 rooms across campus and allow their students to review lectures online later.

You can find a Lectures Online equipped room in ART, BEL, BEN, BRB, BUR, CAL, CMA, CPE, FAC, GAR, GDC, GEA, JES, JGB, MEZ, NUR, PAI, PAR, PHR, PMA, RLP, SEA, SZB, WAG, WCH, WCP, and WEL.  You can find a list of rooms here.  

If you are a student looking for support, please use the support link below.

Jacob Reynolds
LAITS Lectures Online Support Manager

Example Projects and Information

LAITS Development team overhauls behind-the-scenes tech to secure the future of Lectures Online on UT Campus

LAITS Development team upgrades behind-the-scenes tech to expand availability of Lectures Online on UT Campus.

Each semester, Lectures Online is used across campus in scores of classes serving thousands of students. As of Fall 2020, Lectures Online is available in 94 classrooms campus-wide hosting hundreds of classes each semester.  Given the popularity of Lectures Online, the LAITS Development team continues to improve its technology and support systems to better serve faculty and students.

 The Department of Chemistry allows students greater access to office hours and review sessions via Lectures Online

The Department of Chemistry offers students greater access to office hours and review sessions via Lectures Online.

The Department of Chemistry uses Lectures Online to allow lower-division students with different instructors to access the office hours and review sessions from different sections of the course. This means that, on the average, a CH 302 student has access to over 4 hours of review sessions each week.