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Two professors in professional recording studio reciting lines for podcast production

We help develop your ideas into great podcasts from creation to recording to distribution

Professional Multi-Track Audio Studio

The LAITS Audio Studio can comfortably seat 6 simultaneous guests with individual microphones and multi-track audio recordings. Anything from simple 2-person interviews to group roundtables, scripted monologues to music, theater or any creative endeavor.

Point of Discovery podcast recording with 5 in-studio guests.



Podcast Hosting and RSS Publication

One of the most difficult steps in launching a podcast is hosting the content and distributing an RSS feed. Luckily the LAITS Audio Studio can setup and host podcasts through Wordpress and distribute to all popular podcast repositories like iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. All we need from you is the name of the podcast, the description, and other basic content information, then we will do the rest. We can even create a simple website for listeners to interact with supplemental content, transcripts, or access your archive of episodes.

This is Democracy website and RSS stream.


Remote Interview Recordings

If you need to interview a guest in a different city, state, country or continent, we can easily connect you to any guest in mind. Using telephone, Skype or remote sync, the LAITS Audio Studio will handle the technical routing and recording so you can focus on the content of the conversation.

Professor Eric McDaniel prepares to record a remote interview in the audio studio.


Field Recordings

Capture live events on location when they cannot be brought into the studio. Traveling lecturers, conferences, panel discussions, interviews or live performances are easily covered by our trained team of audio engineers and our state-of-the-art sound recording equipment.

Podcast recorded at the LBJ School between Dean Angela Evans and chancellor William H. McRaven.


Editing, Sound FX and Music

The Audio Studio is fully equipped to handle all post production needs, from simple edits like reducing the length of an interview, editing between multiple takes of dialogue, or inserting previously recorded audio clips into a show.

For those looking for creative flair, the Audio Studio can add sound design and music to projects and bring them to life. Whether that is building up a distant time period or location, or simply building a cohesive aesthetic across episodes, a pinch of creativity goes a long way in making a podcast shine.

Podcast series for HIS 315K course about modern US history.

Pre-Production and Podcast Planning

If you or your department is interested in starting up a podcast, but don’t know how to begin, the LAITS Audio Studio can help get you on the right path. We have been producing dozens of podcasts since 2006 and can walk you through all of the steps from getting your podcast idea out of your head and onto the internet.

We can also connect you with resources for ancillary podcast materials such as transcriptions, logo and design, website design, and so on.

Jacob Weiss
Audio Studio Manager

MEZ 1.116

Example Projects and Information

15-Minute History

15-Minute History

Join Dr. Joan Neuberger and guests for "15-Minute History" - a podcast series devoted to short, accessible discussions of important topics in World History and US History. Episodes range from historical staples such as the Revolution of 1917 and Civil War Reconstruction, to lesser known gems such as the Affair of the Poisons.

Tribe Called Yes

Tribe Called Yes

Daron Roberts challenges his audience in all aspects of life in "The Podcast for People Who Need a Nudge to Take the Plunge." Each week Daron speaks with guests that have radically transformed their lives, on a quest to spread wisdom, courage and the inspiration to take dive headfirst into the unknown.

The American Ingredient

The American Ingredient

On The American Ingredient, Dr. Eric McDaniel examines race in American society from an academic perspective. Focusing on work from social scientists and legal scholars, the American Ingredient demonstrates race is not the only ingredient in making America, but getting the taste just right takes two heaping spoonfuls.