College of Liberal Arts

Helping TEDx record their day-long conference

When TEDx came to UT, they partnered with the Liberal Arts Development Studio to record an ambitious day-long conference filled with 14 speakers, two multimedia presentations, and three live artistic performances.Workers setting up stage at Ted X event In an effort to capture every moment of the dynamic presentations, while at the same time maintaining an efficient production, the Dev Studio team was comprised of fully-trained student camera operators and audio engineers alongside a professional videographer coordinating the crew. The Dev Studio team collaborated with the TEDx organization to understand their run of show precisely so we could anticipate the moments that needed to be highlighted.  A technical director switched four separate video sources in real time, allowing LAITS to speed up the delivery of the final edited product, as well as reduce the overall cost of the production.

Our audio crew worked alongside the Texas Union Theater’s audio team to mix and record individual audio feeds from the TedX speakers’ microphones and videos. Our crew was able to create a unique mix for the recording while the Union team provided sound reinforcement to the theater audience.

TedX UT Austin can now share recordings of the TedX speakers’ extraordinary ideas, cutting-edge research and thought-provoking discussions with those in the TedX and Ted Talks community who could not attend. You can view the presentations on the TEDx Talks Youtube page.