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Advisors' Toolkit and Reporting Toolkit help both students and advisors

The software and development team had a user-interface design challenge: how to help academic advisors best access and understand student data.  In the early 2000s, advisors traditionally accessed much-needed student information through a terminal-like interface reminiscent of movies like War Games and The Matrix. Compiling needed information to guide students involved multiple screens and commands. The Liberal Arts Instructional Technologies software and development team aggregated and filtered relevant student information from the IBM Mainframe into a web browser interface to assist College of Liberal Arts advisors in guiding students. The tool proved to be so successful at accessing and presenting information that it has been adopted by most other colleges and the Registrar for use. It continues to be used by roughly 1000 advisors across campus today.  The main page receives between two thousand and twelve thousand hits daily, depending on where we are in the semester.  The closely-related Reporting Toolkit allows users to pull reports of student data, courses, instructors, and classroom information, which helps advisors and administrators assess their students and courses and to conduct the day-to-day business of their academic areas.

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