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LAITS system administrators build and operate web, multimedia, database, and data storage solutions, serving faculty, staff, and students both in the College of Liberal Arts and campus-wide

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Justin W Davis
Senior Systems Administrator

MEZ 2.302H

Mark LaForest
Senior Systems Administrator

MEZ 2.302H

Example Projects and Information

7,500 Students participate each term in live-streamed courses - from anywhere!

"Live in 4, 3, 2, 1..." says a Student Technology Assistant as they focuses a video camera on the professor who is about to lead this morning's live online class from LAITS Studio Six. Bathed in klieg lights, microphone on, camera rolling, the professor addresses 1,000 students tuned in live via their laptops from dorms, libraries, and coffee shops -- anywhere with a suitable internet connection. How is this possible? The Server and Storage team builds and maintains the key infrastructure that makes massive live online courses at the University of Texas at Austin possible.