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Software Development

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LAITS software developers design, build, and support web, multimedia, and database-driven applications advancing research, instruction, and administration in the College of Liberal Arts and across campus.

Tim Fackler
Digital Instruction Services

Mezes 2.302

Example Projects and Information

Advisors' Toolkit and Reporting Toolkit help both students and advisors

What began as a simple tool for advisors of students at the College of Liberal Arts in the early 2000s has blossomed into a university-wide resource. Used by more than 1,000 advisors, including the Registrar's Office, the Advisors' Toolkit aggregates essential student information and is used to advise and assist students in negotiating the business of being a student, selecting coursework, and planning for their degrees. 

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Rare skeletal collections are virtually accessible to everyone

What if you could compare rare bones of famous archeological finds? What if you could examine skeletal structures and determine the cause of traumatic death? The software development team has built a web-based interactive environment in which you can examine and learn about comparative skeletal anatomy. Making such physical collections accessible digitally empowers teachers, students, and researchers to instruct, learn, and discover.

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