College of Liberal Arts

Student Technology Assistant Program

Student Technology Assistant working with computer and microphone

Our Student Technology Assistant (STA) program allows student workers to bring their diverse creative talents and enthusiasm to our work in audio, video, graphics, website, and print offerings. Our STAs learn by doing with guidance from our experienced professional staff.

Example Projects and Information

Students develop their professional skills and build their resume while working as a Student Technology Assistant (STA).

Student Technology Assistants (STAs) work with full-time staff members on projects impacting UT. Audio, video, graphic, coding, and design STAs assist with the creation of materials needed to produce online courses and promote the University's efforts. This real-life experience picks up where the classroom ends.

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Suloni Robertson
Web & Print Design Manager

Mezes 2.116

Destiny Willman
Video Production Manager

Mezes 2.302F

Jacob Weiss
Audio Production Manager

Mezes 1.116

Michael C Heidenreich
STA Program Manager

Mezes 2.102