College of Liberal Arts

Web Services

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Our Web Services team provisions web systems for online communication at the University.

Example Projects and Information

Attracting and retaining thousands of faculty and students through targeted websites

One out of five UT web-page visits is to a faculty or graduate-studies web page. Utilizing this information, the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Web Services team has planned to leverage its unique faculty/grad-student database and create a highly integrated web application. The qualitative analysis of the college website exposed simple development opportunities that could be paired with our Student Technology Assistant program to create modern and metadata-rich media for faculty and college programs.

Websites are easier for faculty and departments to manage with help from Student Technology Assistants

Web Services has a unique and cost-effective approach to managing web content through a triple 'helper' structure. Student Technology Assistants trained in technology and design are able to support and help fulfill simple or complicated needs of faculty, staff, and departments. This support structure helps more than 100 sites and 1000 people save time and money.