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Summer 2019 Courses

Recommended Courses in LGBTQ Studies (Summer 2019)

The following list is designed to help students identify courses in LGBTQ Studies that would be useful both for those pursuing the LGBTQ Certificate and Minors and for those with a general interest in the area.  

WGS F303 • Introduction To LGBTQ Studies (first session)

84325 • Hunt, Grayson
Meets MTWTHF 11:30AM-1:00PM RLP 0.120

Description: Explores concepts of gender and sexuality, race, class, and nation; as well as skills in theory, history, and research methods relevant to LGBTQ studies. The course will also survey the making of modern understandings of sexual and LGBTQ identities in the last one hundred years and the implications of this history for broader understandings of gender and sexuality.