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Spring 2020 Undergraduate Courses

Recommended Undergraduate Courses in LGBTQ Studies (Spring 2020)

The following list is designed to help students identify courses in LGBTQ Studies that would be useful both for those pursuing the LGBTQ Certificate and Minors and for those with a general interest in the area.  

The courses are divided into four categories:

  1. Courses that count towards LGBTQ Studies Minor or Certificate.

  2. Courses with explicit LGBTQ Studies content and/or methods.

  3. Other Courses Taught by LGBTQ Studies Faculty.

  4. Other Courses With an Intersectional Focus on Gender, Sexuality, Race and Social Justice.

This is not an exhaustive list of the courses that might count towards the Certificate or the Minor. For those who are pursuing the LGBTQ Minors and Certificates, there may be additional courses that qualify. To request approval for courses not listed, please contact LGBTQ Studies Director, Lisa Moore, or Associate Director, Grayson Hunt. Please also check back regularly during registration for updates. 

This list replaces the Pink Book used in previous semesters. Please check back regularly for updates.


1. Courses that count towards LGBTQ Studies Minor or Certificate.

WGS 303 • Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

45000 • Michelle Velasquez-Potts CD/Wr Flags
TTH 2PM-3:30PM • RLP 1.108

Description: Explores concepts of gender and sexuality, race, class, religion, and nation; as well as skills in theory, history, and research methods relevant to LGBTQ studies. The course will also survey the making of modern understandings of sexual and LGBTQ identities in the last one hundred years and the implications of this history for broader understandings of gender and sexuality.

WGS 305 • Intro to Women's & Gender Studies

45005 • Eby, Bethany
Meets TTH 9:30AM-11:00AM GDC 2.210

DescriptionWomen’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that asks critical questions about the relationships between sex, gender, society, and our own experiences as political acts. In this course, students will come to understand key differences between sex, gender, and sexuality; define feminism both broadly and personally, particularly in relationship to race, class, and other intersectional aspects of identity; learn about queer and trans histories and experiences; explore women’s experiences in international contexts; and investigate the body and its representation as a way to uncover gender norms and expectations. We will also discuss and write about recent social controversies (such as bathroom legislation, bias incidents, the exclusion of groups from the Women’s March on Washington) as moments that reveal and critique the cultural codes of gender. An emphasis will be placed on self-identified women, LGBTQA+ individuals, and people of color.

WGS 335 • Latinx Sexualities

45025 • Rosas, Lilia
Meets MW 2:30PM-4:00PM PAR 103
CDIIWr (also listed as AFR 372C, AMS 370, MAS 374)

Description: Please check back for updates

WGS 335 • Confronting LGBTQ Oppression

45035 • Nguyen, Quynh
Meets W 3:00PM-6:00PM GDC 2.410

Description: This spring course is the second half of the Peers for Pride ProgramDuring the spring semester course, “Facilitating Dialogues on LGBTQIA+ Oppression: Peers for Pride in Action,” peer facilitators have the opportunity to fine-tune their facilitation skills and lead workshops across campus.  Students will receive course flags in Cultural Diversity in the United States and Ethics and Leadership for completing the class. Interested students must complete an application and an interview.

To Apply: please fill out this online application and someone will contact you in 1-3 business day. There will be a 30 – 60 minutes informal interview to learn more about you and your learning goals that can be scheduled in-person, Skype, or conference call.

Application Deadline: For priority consideration, submit application prior to the first class of fall semester but there is no firm deadline.

For More Information: Email the

Restrictive Statement: “Prerequisite for WGS 335.2 Facilitating Dialogues on LGBTQIA+ Oppression: Peers for Pride in Action. Priority consideration given to students who have completed the Peers for Pride online application and been admitted to the Peers for Pride program.”

WGS 335 • U.S. Masculinities

45030 • Beasley, Alex
Meets TTH 9:30AM-11:00AM BUR 436A
IIWr(also listed as AMS 370)

Description: Please check back for updates.

WGS 335 • Beyoncé Feminism/Rihanna Womanism

45040-45065 • Wint, Traci-Ann
Meets MW 10:00AM-11:00AM GDC 2.216

Description: Please check back for updates.

2. Courses with explicit LGBTQ Studies content and/or methods.


WGS 345 • LGBTQ Literature and Culture

45135 • Moore, Lisa
Meets MWF 11:00AM-12:00PM PAR 206
CDWr(also listed as E 370W)

Description: In this course, we will examine the tradition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer self-representation in English through literary texts that document the emergence of a queer literary tradition and community.  Writing assignments will emphasize careful close reading and formal analysis of these texts in two short papers; both of these papers will be revised. Our final project will be an in-class reading and performance of student writing.

WGS 379S • Senior Seminar

45185 • Kafer, Alison
Meets TTH 11:00AM-12:30PM GAR 0.128

Description: Intensive study of selected topics in women's and gender studies.

WGS 379L • LGBTQ Studies Internship

45180 • Hunt, Grayson 
10 hour/week

Description: This internship gives undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work with Austin-based LBGTQ organizations in health, community outreach, theatre, and government. An organization of your choice is also available, pending instructor approval. LGBTQ Studies Internship courses are restricted. This application must be submitted and approved before you can be cleared to add the course. Add/drop closes on the 12th class day (Fall/Spring semester) or the 4th class day (Summer sessions). Credit is only granted for work completed in the semester in which the student is enrolled (no retro-credit).


3. Other Courses Taught by LGBTQ Studies Faculty.

 Please check back for updates 

4. Other Courses With an Intersectional Focus on Gender, Sexuality, Race and Social Justice.

Please check back for updates