LBGQT Studies Program
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Advisory Council

LGBTQ Studies is led by an Advisory Council, which is made up of LGBTQ Affiliated Faculty and Staff from a variety of backgrounds as well as a Graduate and Undergraduate Representative. The Advisory Council works in conjunction with the Director.


Lisa Moore, English

Advisory Council

Luis Carcámo-Huechante, Spanish and Portuguese, NAIS

Karma Chávez, MALS

Curran Nault, RTF, WGS, AAS

Lyndon Gill, AADS

Lauren Gutterman, AMS

Sebastián Colon-Otero, CMHC (staff representative)

Tres Hinds, KIN (graduate student representative)

Yona Twena, SOC (undergraduate student representative)

Grayson Hunt, LGBTQ Studies program coordinator (ex officio)