LBGQT Studies Program
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When should I join/apply for the Portfolio?

Fill out the online form and join our list serve as early as possible so we can count you as part of our Portfolio Program, and you receive all our email announcements.

What classes should I take?

We recommend you start looking at the WGS 393 topics courses, you should also take 2 WGS classes that originate in 2 different departments outside your home department.  The requirements are listed in more detail here.

Will you count classes I took before I joined the Portfolio?

As long as they were WGS graduate classes and you have not had a break in enrollment, then we can probably count them.

I took all my WGS classes in my home department?  Can I count them?

This is an interdisciplinary program, and it requires students to take at least 2 courses in 2 different departments outside their home.  We can count some of the WGS courses from your home department, but not all of them.

Can I count Undergraduate classes for my Graduate Portfolio?

This is a Graduate Portfolio program and your classes must be for Graduate Credit.  Portfolio Students may not count undergraduate courses towards their Graduate Portfolio coursework.  The WGS 394 Conference Course is available as alternative for enrollment in relevant topic courses.  If there is an undergraduate course that interests you, you should contact the professor and ask if you can take it as a graduate conference course (WGS 394) with them.

When can I meet with someone from CWGS for advising?

Advising is not required but you are welcome to contact WGS Graduate Coordinator Jackie Salcedo, at 512 475 7858.  Due to the large volume of emails received every day, phone calls are preferred.