LBGQT Studies Program
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2018 | 2017
AAS, WGS and LGBTQ Studies Staff, Students, and Friends

Success! LGBTQ Studies & Friends Burdine Open House

LGBTQ Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, and Asian American Studies friends show up for the annual Burdine Open House on the 5th Floor

Thu, Sep 6, 2018


LGBTQ Studies Hosts 3rd Transgender Feminisms Reading Group at the Elisabet Ney Museum

Biggest turn out to date as Grayson Hunt moves the reading group off campus.

Fri, May 11, 2018


LGBTQ Studies Celebrates Queer Research by Graduate Students

Ann Cvetkovich hosts the annual graduate student celebration

Thu, May 10, 2018

ENRON panelists, director, and cast members

LGBTQ Studies represents at the "ENRON, Late Capitalism, and Toxic Masculinities" conference hosted by Theatre and Dance at UT

Program Coordinator Grayson Hunt participates in panel discussion on performing identities

Thu, Mar 8, 2018