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Eric Adell

Assistant Instructor |
CLA 4.304

Gladys Camacho Rios

Graduate student

Interests: Documentation, Typological description, Quechua phonology, Quechua morphology.

Yejin Cho

Graduate student |
RLP 4.400, W3

Interests: Computational Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Frances Cooley

Assistant Instructor |
RLP 4.426

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Caitlin Coons

Teaching Assistant |
RLP 4.400 E10

Education: M.S. Theoretical Linguistics, Georgetown University

Interests: syntax & morphology of sign languages; agreement; clitics; language contact; forensic linguistics

Kristin Denlinger

Graduate student

Michael Everdell

Assisstant Instructor |
RLP 4.426

Education: PhD, University of Texas, Austin

Interests: Uto-Aztecan languages, morpholgy, syntax, historical linguistics, suppletion, defectiveness

Photo of Laura Faircloth

Laura Faircloth

Assistant Instructor |
CLA 4.400

Interests: Phonetics/Phonology, emphatic and pharyngeal consonants in Arabic

Elisa Ferracane

Graduate Student |
CLA 4.600 A2

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: computational linguistics, experimental phonetics

Austin German

Graduate student

Interests: emerging sign languages; language documentation & description

Qianping Gu

Teaching Assistant |
CLA 4.700

Zhe-Chen Guo

Graduate student

Interests: Experimental phonetics; Phonology; Psycholinguistics

Ambrocio Gutierrez Lorenzo

Graduate Student

Eric Holgate

Teaching Assistant

Sandie Keerstock

Teaching Assistant |
CLA 4.400 E9

Interests: Experimental phonetics, psycholinguistics, intelligibility

Dag Lindeberg

Graduate student

Laura Manor

Graduate student |
CLA 4.400 E4

Interests: NLP, Summarization, Style Transfer, Legal Linguistics

Kirsten Meemann

Assistant Instructor |
CLA 4.400 W8

Education: Linguistics, University of Würzburg

Interests: Experimental Phonetics; Psycholinguistics

Grace Neveu

Graduate Student |
CLA 4.700

Lorena Orjuela

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in Linguistics, Universidade de São Paulo

Interests: Experimental Phonetics; Sociophonetics; Dialectology; Language documentation; South American indigenous languages

Se Yeon Park

Graduate student

Jaime Perez Gonzalez

Teaching Assistant |

Education: M.A. in Linguistics, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS), UT Austin

Interests: Mayan Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Language Documentation and Language Revitalization

Sofia Pierson

Graduate student

May Helena Plumb

Graduate student |
CLA 4.700 E12

Education: B.A., Haverford College

Interests: Zapotec languages, language documentation and maintenance, Latin America

Justin Power

Graduate student

Education: MA Linguistics, University of North Dakota

Interests: Linguistics of signed languages; Language contact; Historical linguistics; Persian

Alex Rosenfeld

Graduate Research Assistant

Scott Spicer

Graduate student

Interests: Lexical semantics, syntax-semantics interface; Semitic languages

James Tandy

Graduate student

Interests: historical linguistics, Mayan languages

Mackenzie Walters

Graduate student |
CLA 4.304 W13

Interests: historical and comparative linguistics, epigraphy, Mayan languages

Su Wang

Research Assistant |
E5, CLA 4th Floor, Linguistics Department

Education: PhD & M.S., Linguistics and Statistics, the University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Pragmatics/Semantics, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, Probabilistic Logic Model, Bayesian Models, Deep Learning

Paige Erin Wheeler

Graduate student |
RLP 4.400, W10

Interests: Enlhet-Enenlhet languages, language contact and change, language documentation

Elizabeth Wood

Graduate student |
CLA 4.400 W6

Interests: Language documentation and description, Mayan languages, K'iche', phonetics and phonology, syntax

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