Linguistics Department

Linguistics Receives Three Awards from Endangered Language Documentation Programme (ELDP) in London

Wed, August 1, 2012

Daniel Valle has received an ELDP Individual Graduate Scholarship to support his dissertation research in Peru, 'A Documentation and Description of Cashibo-Cacataibo of San Alejandro (Pano) with a Focus on Information Structure' (GBP 35,658 over 2 and a half years; approximately $55,000). Mr. Valle's documentation work is focused in particular on information structure and its relevance to grammatical structures in this language. He has also been awarded a fellowship with the Research Center on Information Structure at the University of Potsdam, Germany, for the Spring 2013 semester.  Prof. Pattie Epps is Daniel's dissertation advisor.

Associate Professor Pattie Epps, together with Luciana Storto of the University of São Paulo (Brazil), has received an ELDP Small Grant for the project 'Documentation of Dâw, a Nadahup language of Brazil' (GBP 9998 for 1 year; approximately $15,000). Epps and Storto will train Dâw speakers in language documentation, compile a text collection and lexicon, and investigate aspects of Dâw grammar.

Lynn Hou and Kate Mesh, both doctoral students in Linguistics, have been awarded GBP 9997 (approximately $15,000) in support of their one-year project "Investigating an Undocumented Sign Language in a Chatino Speech/Sign Community."  They are looking at an indigenous sign language variety used by deaf members of the Chatino communities of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Professor Tony Woodbury is the faculty sponsor on this project; he is directing a multiyear project that documents and describes the Chatino languages of Oaxaca.

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