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Child Language Researchers Venture to Seattle for SRCD.

Fri, March 1, 2013
Child Language Researchers Venture to Seattle for SRCD.

Led by Assistant Professor Colin Bannard and his child language group, Linguistics faculty, students, and alumni will be at the Society for Research in Child Development in force (April 18-20, 2013). Doctoral students Cindy Blanco and Jörn Klinger will be presenting their research, as well as recent alum Aaron Shield.

Majority Bias Promotes the Learning of Linguistic Conventions in Three-Year-Olds
Colin Bannard

Children's Use of Accentedness in Speaker Reliability Judgments
Cynthia Blanco & Colin Bannard

Evidence for Cross-Cultural and Cross-Domain Differences in Children's Imitation Strategies
Jörn Klinger & Colin Bannard

Three- and Four-Year-Olds Are Sensitive to the Context-Varying Acceptability of Unconventional-But-Interpretable Referring Terms
Colin Bannard & Derya Kadipasaglou (B.A., 2012)

The sign group will also be well-represented:

Different Echolalia Types in Native-Signing Children with Autism
Aaron Shield (Ph.D., 2010) & Richard P. Meier

A Developmental Signed Language Disorder: The Role of Visual-Spatial Cognition
David Quinto-Pozos

Two close colleagues of the department's sign group--Wolfgang Mann (CSD) and Carrie Lou Garberoglio (Ed Psych)--will also be presenting their research.

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