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A Big Year for Dissertations.

Mon, June 30, 2014
A Big Year for Dissertations.

Since the beginning of the calendar year, doctoral students in the Department of Linguistics have been completing their dissertations at what seems like a record pace. Four students were awarded their degrees in May. They are:

Ana Paula Brandão. "A Reference Grammar of Paresi-Haliti (Arawak). " Advisor: Pattie Epps.

Gabriela Garcia. "A Description of Clause Union in Southeastern Tepehuan: a Uto-Aztecan Language of Northern Mexico." Advisor: Nora England.

Tony Wright.  "Strict vs. Flexible Accomplishment Predicates." Advisors: David I. Beaver & Richard P. Meier.

Hilaria Cruz. "Linguistic Poetics and Rhetoric of Eastern Chatino of San Juan Quiahije."  Advisors: Tony Woodbury & Nora England.

Since the end of the Spring Semester, five more students have defended their dissertations and are on track to receive their doctorates by the end of the summer session.

Eric Campbell. "Aspects of the Phonology and Morphology of Zenzontepec Chatino, a Zapotecan Language of Oaxaca, Mexico." Advisor: Tony Woodbury.

Wikaliler Daniel Smith. "A Grammar of Guna: A Community-Centered Approach." Advisor: Nora England.

Sarah Wagner. "Negotiating a Contested Identity: Lesbian and Gay Parents' Definitions of Family." Advisor: Pattie Epps.

Po-Ting Stacy Chen. "Typicality in Chinese Sentence Comprehension: Evidence from Offline Judgments and Online Self-Paced Reading." Advisors: Richard P. Meier & Nicole Wicha (UTSA).

Rachael Gilbert.  "Environment -and Listener-Oriented Speaking Style Adaptations Across the Lifespan." Advisor: Rajka Smiljanic.

These dissertations are the culmination of long years of productive research. Congratulations to all nine of these students for their hard work, their perseverance, and for their insights into a wide range of languages including ASL, English, Mandarin Chinese, and five indigenous languages of Latin America.

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