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The current lab is a first-rate research facility that meets the needs of a wide range of faculty and students for conducting sound production, perception and processing experiments.

Recording Studio/Perception Area is a sound treated area, which can be used for high quality speech recording and for perception experiments. This area can accommodate up to four people at a given time. Equipment inside the recording studio includes three Dell Optiplex 360 desktops and three 19-inch flat monitors for presenting visuals to the subjects. There are two setups designed for high quality recordings: the new MOTU Ultralight setup allows recording directly onto the resident computer & Marantz solid-state PMD670 recorder. The recording studio also contains 3 speakers, 3 headphones (Sony MDR-CD780 and Sennheiser HD 280 pro), 2 Shure SM10A unidirectional head-worn microphones, Superlab button boxes, E-Prime Serial Response Box, and 3 keyboards and mouse.

sound boothMOTUGSISubject computer

Experimenter Area is just outside the recording studio/perception area. It contains a computer and monitor (with the mirror screen feature) that allows the experimenter to control the tasks within the sound booth remotely.

experimenter computersign

Work/Meeting area houses all undergraduate and graduate research assistants and serves for meetings and informal talks/discussions. This area contains 3 Dell Optiplex 360 computers and 4 Macs for experiment setup, data entry and analyses, sound analyses, and statistical analyses. A ceiling-mounted projector and a screen, a PC laptop and speakers are available for presentations.

Software on the computers includes MS Office, SuperLabPro (experiment-running package with custom-made button boxes), Max 5 and E-Prime (experiment-running packages), Praat (for acoustic analyses), Audobe Audition (for preparing speech stimuli and experiment running), SPSS and R (for statistical analyses).

workroom computers 1workroom computers 2workroom projector screen

If you want to work in the lab, obtain the lab user manuals, and the instructions about how to reserve the lab for experiments and meetings, contact Rajka Smiljanic at


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