Linguistics Department

Undergraduate Research

The Linguistics Department offers a variety of opportunities for students to become involved in academic research.  There are several labs headed by faculty member that have incorporated undergraduate research assistants.  Linguistics undergraduates have the opportunity to…

  • Study how children acquire language and learn to communicate effectively in the first 3-4 years of life in the Child Language Lab directed by Dr. Suzanne Van Der Feest.
  • Investigate various aspects of signed language structure, the acquisition of signed language and patterns of signed language use that are influenced by social factors in Dr. David Quinto-Pozos’ Signed Language Lab.
  • Perform research for the Dynamics of Hunter-Gatherer Language Change in Amazonia project, under the supervision of Dr. Patience Epps.
  • Help create a standardized sentence recognition test for non-native speakers of English as part of the NEST Project, directed by Dr. Rajka Smiljanic
  • Work on individual research projects, usually in conjunction with an honors thesis.
  • Learn digital archiving by working as a research assistant at the Archive of Indigenous Language of Latin America (, digitizing and archiving original research recordings and other materials on languages from Mexico and Central and South America.

Learn more about Undergraduate Research Opportunities. If you are interested in research opportunities in the Department of Linguistics, please send an email to  

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