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I have questions or concerns about registering for an ASL class.  

All inquiries regarding ASL (American Sign Language) or its classes should be directed to the Linguistics Department Reception at (512) 471-1701, or by e-mail at


I would like to register for an "open; reserved" Linguistics class (such as LIN 353C or LIN 373N) but I am not a Linguistics major. How can I register for this class?

Initially, seats in some Linguistics classes will be reserved for currently declared Linguistics majors only. Pending availability, we may be able to release some open or remaining seats to non-Linguistics majors, as the registration cycle continues. We will release these "open" seats directly to the course schedule, as they become available.

Some of our "open; reserved" Linguistics courses may also be crosslisted with other departments across campus. There may be open, unrestricted seats in your desired course, if you check in with the crosslisted department.


Will there be an exception, if I can this course towards my own major/minor/certificate, etc? 

Unfortunately, to preserve seats in seats in LIN classes for Linguistics majors, no exceptions can be made. You may be able to find a seat in one of these classes through an unrestricted crosslist, if available, or wait for additional seats to be released to non-majors through the course schedule, as registration continues.


What is the recommended course sequencing for the Linguistics major?

The recommended sequencing/course order for the Linguistics major is as follows:

  1. LIN 306: Intro to the Study of Language
  2. LIN 344K: Phonetics
  3. LIN 372K: Sound Patterns (prerequisite LIN 344K)
  4. LIN 345: Language Change/Variation, AND
  5. LIN 372L: Syntax and Semantics (can be taken simultaneously with LIN 345)

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