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Covid-19 Response - Spring 2020 Policy Changes for Undergraduate Program

We know students are concerned about their grades this semester.  UT has made some important changes to policies about grades and Q-drops for the Spring 2020 semester.  Here are the highlights:

  • Classes taken on the pass/fail basis (and passed) will count toward degree requirements(including: core curriculum, Liberal Arts requirements, major, minor, and certificates); and willnot factor into the maximum number of pass/fail hours allowed to count toward the degree (16 hours).  
  • Classes taken on the pass/fail basis (and passed) will also satisfy prerequisites for sequential courses. However, if the spring 2020 course is taken for a letter grade, the sequential course’s stated grade prerequisite must be met.
  • You can change back and forth from P/F to a letter grade as many times as you want, through May 29 (a week after course grades are submitted to the Registrar). 
  • You can Q-drop courses for any reason through May 29, and the Q will not count toward the 6 Q-drop limit.  The course grade will still show as a “Q” on your transcript.
  • You can withdraw from all spring 2020 classes through May 29
  • Classes taken on the pass/fail basis (and passed) will count for internal transfercourse requirements. However, internal transfer GPA requirements may still be enforced.


Important things to note:

  • You must make a grade of at least D minus to pass a pass/fail class and have it count for a degree requirement. If you make a grade of F the class will not count.
  • If you pass a pass/fail class (make a grade of at least D minus), it will show as “CR” in place of a grade on your transcript and will not factor into your GPA. If you fail a pass/fail class (make an F), it will show as an F on your transcript and it will count as an F in your GPA.
  • To graduate, students must still meet the following GPA requirements: a 2.0 cumulative UT GPA, a 2.0 cumulative Major GPA, and 2.0 Cumulative Minor GPA.
  • There are external factors that may impact your decision to make changes to your classes:
    • if you are a recipient of financial aid, scholarships, or fellowships, consult with Texas One Stop
    • if you are an international student, consult with Texas Global (on visa and immigration matters)
    • if you are a recipient of Veteran’s Benefits, consult with Student Veteran Services
    • if you are pursuing professional certification/accreditation/licensure (appropriate contact varies based on each student’s situation)
    • if you have concerns about employment eligibility (appropriate contact varies based on each student’s situation)
    • if you are planning to attend graduate or professional school, consult with the Health Professions Office (pre-health) or Liberal Arts Career Services (law, grad)
    • if you are an athlete, check with your Academic Coordinator regarding athletic eligibility
    • if you are not sure how making a change will affect your eligibility to earn honors distinctions, consult your Academic Advisor
    • if you are not sure how making a change will affect your timeline to degree completion, consult your Academic Advisor

We recommend that you consider giving your courses your best effort, and decide later about the grading option (or a Q-drop).  If you are doing well in a course, keep the letter grade option, so it will count toward your GPA!

For additional policy details, go to:  

To submit a registration change request click here, log in with your EID and password and complete the online form.

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