Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Mexico Center Faculty Committee


Ricardo Ainslie

Ricard Ainslie. Photo by Christina Murray.

Ricardo C. Ainslie is M.K. Hage Centennial Professor in Education, the Department of Educational Psychology at the College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin. His work explores the intersection of psychology and culture through such topics as the psychological experience of immigration, ethnic conflicts within communities, and the relationship between individual and collective identity. He pursues these topics primarily through the descriptive methodology of qualitative inquiry, as well as examining them through books, documentary films, and photographic exhibits.

Ainslie’s extensive work in Texas and Mexico propelled his inquiry into how communities function and transform in response to significant conflict. He is particularly interested in investigating how individuals and broader cultural groups experience life within these affected communities.

A native of Mexico City, Ainslie’s multidisciplinary and integrative sensibility is evident in his extensive involvement throughout UT Austin, where he is professionally affiliated with the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, the American Studies Program, and the Center for Mexican American Studies.

Committee Members

Ricard Ainslie Ricardo Ainslie
Professor, Dept. of Educational Psychology
PhD, University of Michigan
Interests: Mexican drug war; social fabric; traumatized communities; immigration 

Ruben Parra-CardonaJosé Rubén Parra-Cardona
Associate Professor, Steve Hicks School of Social Work
PhD, Texas Tech University
Interests: Prevention; parenting; immigrant families; domestic violence 

Chandler StolpChandler Stolp
Associate Dean and Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University
Interests: Social policy program evaluation statistics

Rebecca M. TorresRebecca M. Torres
Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography & the Environment
PhD, University of California, Davis
Interests: Migration; rural development; agriculture; gender; tourism; activist scholarship

Paloma DiazPaloma Diaz
Scholarly Programs Director, LLILAS Benson
MEd, Stanford University

LLILAS Mexicanist Faculty

LLILAS Mexicanist faculty with Mexican scholar Marcela Lagarde (second from left) and community members

Mexicanist Faculty

With over 70 Mexicanist faculty on campus, UT Austin has one of the largest research and teaching groups on Mexico and border issues outside Mexico. Their research covers a range of interests, from Mesoamerica's culture and languages to colonial and modern history, water resources, social inequalities, migration and border issues, gender and indigenous issues, contemporary Mexican politics, and art and architecture.

Visit LLILAS Mexicanist Faculty to learn about LLILAS faculty working on Mexican, border, and Latino issues.

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