Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Celina de Sá

Assistant ProfessorPh.D., University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology


Race; diaspora; expressive arts; Black Atlantic; West Africa


ANT 324L • Coloniality In West Africa

31919 • Spring 2022
Meets MW 2:30PM-4:00PM WCP 5.172

This seminar will track both the changes and continuities of socio-political categories in African contexts from the period of formal colonial rule to the present day. The course will consider impact of ideologies prevalent in colonization, the decolonizing movements, and postcolonial nation-states that speak to subject formation by reviewing their progression over time through theoretical arguments and evidence from case studies. Race, ethnicity, and nationality have been central to the forms of power and authority that first undergirded the colonial system and later became the groundwork for sovereign African countries. Yet the discourses of social difference can be deceiving, obscuring the mechanisms of political control that impact the kinds of communities and political formations people construct at various moments. Looking at a range of social and cultural consequences of political systems, we will explore how anthropology was a part of the colonial endeavor in Africa, and how contemporary studies have leveraged postcolonial theory to decolonize studies of African social life. Topics covered will include race and ethnicity as formative processes, how identity is performative, coloniality as an ongoing process, and the role of historical memory in post-colonial African contexts.

ANT 391 • Race Ethnicity And Migration

32080 • Spring 2022
Meets M 9:00AM-12:00PM WCP 5.118

This seminar will concentrate on how contemporary migration is conceptualized in anthropology, and how race and racism inform the construction of "the migrant" as a social category. By looking at the changing groups that cross the US/Mexico border, to Africans' attempts to settle in Europe, we will explore various circuits of movement to examine themes including empire, technologies of control, citizenship, (im)mobility, and belonging. The readings will focus on Latin America, North America, Africa and Europe, while critically exploring the permeability and constructedness of political borders. We will also examine these topics through fiction and cinematic depictions. 

ANT 324L • Expressive Arts Global Africa

32435 • Fall 2021
Meets TTH 2:00PM-3:30PM WCP 4.118

This course is an exploration of music, dance and other artistic forms as a modes of political expression and community building. We will cover a wide range of issues from the ways that race and gender inform "African dance” classes in neoliberal Sweden to how Afrofuturistic photography tackles themes of climate change. The goal of the course is to gain an understanding of how transnational artistic expression emerging from the African continent can be a form of protest and social commentary.

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