Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Mexican Center Hosts Distinguished Authors

Wed, March 17, 2010
Mexican Center Hosts Distinguished Authors

Distinguished Mexican writers Héctor Aguilar Camín and Ángeles Mastretta will speak in Austin on Thursday, March 25, 2010, as part of “Mexico 2010,” the Mexican Center’s yearlong commemoration of the bicentennial of Mexican independence (1810) and the Mexican Revolution (1910).

One of Mexico’s foremost intellectuals, Héctor Aguilar Camín is a journalist, historian, and writer, or, as he puts it, “ a historian by accident and novelist by vocation.” Born in 1946, Aguilar Camín has been a Guggenheim scholar and editor of “NEXOS,” one of Mexico’s leading cultural magazines. Some of his most renowned novels are “La frontera nómada” (1977), “Morir en el Golfo” (1985), and “El error de la luna” (1995). “A la sombra de la Revolución Mexicana,” his 1991 collaboration with Lorenzo Meyer, was published in the LLILAS Translations from Latin America Series as “In the Shadow of the Mexican Revolution” and was honored as an alternate selection by the History Book Club.

Aguilar Camín will explore the history of Mexican politics in his talk “Actualidad del pasado: Reflexiones sobre doscientos años de cambios y costumbres políticas de México” (The Past as Present: Reflections on 200 Years of Political Practices and Change in Mexico). The presentation, delivered in Spanish with simultaneous translation provided, will take place Thursday, March 25, 4:00–5:30 p.m. in the Sinclair Suite at the Texas Union (UNB 3.128). It is part of the series “Many Mexicos, 1810–2010: Reflections on Independence, Revolution, and the Making of Modern Mexico” organized by the Mexican Center of LLILAS as part of the 2010 commemorations.

Ángeles Mastretta is one of Mexico’s leading literary figures, a prize-winning novelist and journalist whose 1985 novel “Arráncame la vida” was a stunning critical and popular success in Mexico. As a young writer, she studied with authors Juan Rulfo and Salvador Elizondo and wrote as a columnist for various newspapers before publishing “Arráncame,” the story of a young woman who grows up in Puebla in the unsettled world of post-Revolutionary Mexico.

A special screening of the film based on the book, directed by Roberto Sneider and released in 2008, will be held at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin on March 25 at 8:00 p.m. Mastretta will hold a Q&A session following the movie.

For more information and tickets, visit Cine Las Américas.

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