Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
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Rosa Alvarez Velez

Graduate Student


Interests: Immigration; immigrant detention; social movements; social services and projects in Latin America

Maribel Bello Malagón

Graduate Student


Interests: Transnationalism and identity; migration; cultural studies; social intervention; theater; research methodologies

Freddy Bernardino

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Central America (specifically El Salvador); gender and sexuality in Latin America and the experience of queer Latinx people in the US; US imperialism in Latin America

Jesse Crandell

Graduate Student


Interests: Brazil; Cuba; religion and music of the African Diaspora; social and environmental justice movements; community activism through music and performance

Camille Garcia

Graduate Student


Interests: Cultural politics; participatory planning; gentrification in US Latinx communities; gentrification in Mexico City; international development; social justice; intersections among gender, race, sexuality, and social class in Mexican culture; indigenous studies; indigenous rights; US–Mexico relations; Mexico; Brazil

Stefanía García

Graduate student


Interests: Latin American philosophy/Latina feminisms and phenomenology; border studies; colonialism, neocolonialism, postcolonialism, and decolonization; literature and artivism

Nohely Guzmán Narváez

Graduate Student


Interests: Bolivia; gender and feminism; environmental justice; social movements; Indigenous peoples; agrarian issues; GMOs; development; Chinese foreign investment

Sarah Henningsen

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Forced migration from Central America; detention/deportation; Latin American diaspora; undocumented labor/workers; ethnography

César Iván Ibarra

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: Gender studies; sexual and gender dissidence in Latin America; anti-institutionalism and popular subversion; education, popular education, and agrarian topics (land struggles); Mexican and Peruvian studies

Ana Carolina Jesus

Graduate Student


Interests: Violence, media, race, and public policy in Brazil

Maggie Johnson

Graduate Student, LAS/Global Policy


Interests: Drug policy; militarization; international trade

Gabriela Kane

Graduate Student


Interests: Cultural democracy and politics; role of government policy and funding of the arts in Latin America

Ana Kearney-Cooke

Graduate Student, LAS/Social Work


Interests: Psychosocial trauma of immigration; social work with Latinx; education of immigrant families; border studies; social services in Latin America

Alex Kott

Graduate Student


Interests: Brazil; African and African diaspora studies; religious studies; Indigenous studies

Ana María López Hurtado

PhD Student


Interests: Decolonial studies; epistemologies of the South; gender studies; feminisms of the South; feminist theory; memory; violence; conflict and “post-conflict” Colombia

Jorge Losoya

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: Latin American planning and development; participatory planning; environmental and social justice; sustainability; environmental racism; globalization; urban movements

Anayeli Marcos-Flores

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Immigration; mixed-status; children; trauma; social justice; reproductive rights; environmental justice; mental health; activism and social movements

Casz McCarthy

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Social work with latinxs; immigration, social justice, indigenous, and campesinx movements in Central America; autonomy and collectivity building; anti-capitalism/anti-neoliberalism in Central America; border studies

Sebastian Muñoz

Graduate Student


Interests: Colombian armed conflict; Cold War South America; leftist insurgency; paramilitary groups; oral history and popular narratives

Eric Nava-Pérez

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Democracy in Latin America; economic history; GIS; immigration; labor and social movements; international political economy

Janette Núñez

Graduate Student, LAS/iSchool


Interests: Political transitions in Latin America; identity; cultural products; dissemination

Jeniffer Perales García

Graduate Student


Interests: Mexican Revolution; Mexican colonial period; immigration studies; border studies

Mayra Ramales

Graduate Student


Interests: Mexican identity construction; US–Mexico border relations; undocumented workers; social justice; liberation psychology; transgenerational trauma within immigrant families

Joshua Reason

Graduate Student


Interests: Queer Afro-Brazilians; historical and contemporary discourse on urban development in Latin America 

Hizzeth Salinas

Graduate Student


Interests: Postcolonialism and neocolonialism; indigenous rights; GIS; agriculture and development; violence; social movements

Mary Stycos

Graduate Student


Interests: Social, economic, and cultural conditions around wellness gentrification and planning in Mexico City

Juan Tiney Chirix

PhD Student, LLILAS


Interests: Indigenous studies in Guatemala; critical race and gender theory; political economics; cooperativism and neoliberalism; decolonization of planning; participatory methodology

Karla Velasco

Graduate Student


Interests: Latinx and Latin American feminist and queer theories; Latin American revolutions and social movements; US imperialism in Latin America

Ricardo Venegas

Graduate Student


Interests: Social change; post-development; decolonizing methodologies; sustainability; Indigenous rights; Latin American visual documentary

Sara Zavaleta

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Race; mental health; gender; sexuality; immigration; public health; social justice

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