Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
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Rosa Alvarez Velez

Graduate student


Interests: Immigration; immigrant detention; social movements; social services and projects in Latin America

Joanna Beltran Giron

Graduate student


Interests: Transnational gangs; psychosocial trauma; liberation psychology; gender violence; youth empowerment

Alvaro Cespedes Pesqueira

Graduate student


Interests: Use of journalism for development and democracy in Latin America; fighting censorship in Mexico

Andrea Clark

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Indigenous studies; African diaspora; human rights; sexual and reproductive rights

Stephannie Coix

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Afro-Mexican studies; Afro-Latin American and African studies; race; identity and agency; Postcolonial theory

Sherley Córdova

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Social movements; Central America; El Salvador

Caroline Daigle

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: community planning; gender and development; NGOs in Laitn America; access to resources; marginalized populations

Alicia Danze

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Latin American feminism, femicide, sexual violence, poverty/marginality; grassroots social movements; U.S. political/cultural imperialism

Moravia De La O

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: human rights defenders; acompañamiento psico-social; Mexico; trauma; drug war; female-identified activists

Julia Duranti

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: Colombia; Afro-descendant, idigenous, and campesin@ movements; neoliberalism; violence; forced displacement; development studies; social change; activist research; peace-building

Sebastian Gallardo

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: cultural politics; Afro-descendent and indigenous peoples of Latin America; Ecuador

Dora Gonzalez

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Forced migration from Central America; gang violence; government corruption; layered trauma; social work with Latina/os

Lynda Gonzalez

Graduate Student, LAS/Journalism


Interests: Latina/o education in the U.S.; border studies; photojournalism; immigration; Mexico; U.S.-Mexico relations; media representation; intersections between gender, race, sexuality, and social class; indentity formation; cultural studies

Sharon Gorenstein

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Interpersonal, urban, and institutional violence; gender; sexuality; education; Peru; sociology

Julio Gutierrez

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: neoliberalism in Latin America; critical theory; subjectivity; El Salvador

Daniela Hernandez Salazar

Graduate Student, LAS/GPS


Interests: democratization; government transparency and accountability; clientelism; anthropology; development in Latin America; social and economic policy; race, gender, sexuality, and social class; geospatial analysis using GIS

Gabriela Kane

Graduate student


Interests: Cultural democracy and politics; role of government policy and funding of the arts in Latin America

Jiyoung Kim

Graduate student


Interests: Cultural studies; cultural politics; Latin American and Caribbean music and dance; identity formation; gender and sexuality; Latin American diaspora; Asian immigration to Latin America

Anayeli Marcos-Flores

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: Immigration; mixed-status; children; trauma; social justice; reproductive rights; environmental justice; mental health; activism and social movements

Eric Nava-Perez

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Democracy in Latin America; economic history; GIS; immigration; labor and social movements; international political economy

Jesse Nazario

Graduate student


Interests: Indigenous oral history; immigration; sustainable development; agricultural farming; biotechnology; GMOs

Lynn Panepinto

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: social work with Latinos; trauma; immigration; children; families; child abuse reporting

Mollie Picha

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: Sustainability; community and regional planning; early education in Latin America; development studies

Joshua Reason

Graduate student


Interests: Queer Afro-Brazilians; historical and contemporary discourse on urban development in Latin America 

Ellen Waggoner Roeder

Graduate student


Interests: Brazil; democracy in Brazil; urban violence in Brazil; Afro-Brazilian religions; Brazilian evangelical movement; religious violence; religion and politics in Brazil; epistemological decolonization; trans-Atlantic diasporic dialogues

José Rubio-Zepeda

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: transnationalism and identity; migration; African Diaspora in Central America and the Caribbean, especially the Dominican Republic; globalization; sustainability; development; cultural studies; masculinity; class; gender; sexuality and ethnicity

Mary Stycos

Graduate student


Interests: Social, economic, and cultural conditions around wellness gentrification and planning in Mexico City

Crysbel Tejada

Graduate Student, LAS


Interests: Afro-Caribbean history; communities; environmental issues; queer latina/o communities

Juan Tiney Chirix

Graduate Student, LAS/CRP


Interests: Indigenous studies in Guatemala; inequality; political economics; cooperativism and neoliberalism; DR-CAFTA; decolonization of planning

Ricardo Venegas

Graduate student


Interests: Social change; post-development; decolonizing methodologies; sustainability; Indigenous rights; Latin American visual documentary

Scott David Weaver

Graduate Student, LAS/Law


Interests: Mexico; violence; critical theory; law

Emma Whittington

Graduate Student, LAS/IS


Interests: information organization; access to information; libraries and archives

Sara Zavaleta

Graduate Student, LAS/SW


Interests: race; mental health; gender; sexuality; immigration; public health; social justice

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